Cheese recipes

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Cheese recipes

What could be more delicious than cheese? Jaquo-CHEESE

Whether you’re thinking about a delightful recipe or looking for a simple treat to serve after after a dinner party, there’s no doubt that cheese will almost always fit the bill.

For a long time it bothered me that vegetarian cheeses were not adequate but today there is a wonderful range so delicious cheese recipes are suitable for everyone.

Most cheeses are inexpensive when compared to other foods and are full of goodness too. – not to mention full of taste and flavour.

See some great ideas and recipes here

I went into a French restaurant and asked the waiter, ‘Have you got frog’s legs?’ He said, ‘Yes,’ so I said, ‘Well hop into the kitchen and get me a cheese sandwich.’

Tommy Cooper

I eat whatever I want. I like bread and cheese and wine, and that makes my life fun and enjoyable.

Gwyneth Paltrow








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