Chili Stew Spices Up the Winter Appetite

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Chili Stew Spices Up the Winter Appetite


There’s nothing like the sassy, spicy taste of Chili Stew to perk up the winter dinner. For me, a pot of chili goes a long way. Chili dogs are a favorite as well as chili burritos.

One of the key ingredients in my version of this delicious red elixir is pineapple juice. I like a slightly sweet stew. Beans are an integral part of a successful recipe in my book, so I try to use two or three different types of beans whenever possible. A bag of 15 Bean Soup does the trick very nicely; just don’t use the flavor packet.

There isn’t a clear and concise history of chili. The International Chili society’s History of Chili is a good place to start for a little insight for where it originated.

There are quite a few books available with chili recipes. It’s fun to sample the different ways chili is made and try to guess which type of cuisine may have influenced the Southwestern origins of the dish.

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Chili is like pizza. Whenever anyone makes it over and over, it becomes their own. Look how the pizza has evolved over the years since it’s arrival on the food scene. It depends how far back you want to go in history as to what story you believe about pizza’s origins.

Chili, like pizza, is also a on most people’s list of comfort foods. Like pizza, Chili originated in one culture and is now enjoyed by people belonging to many different cultures. It’s an international food.

You’ll find my own recipe for chili on Hubpages, My Idea of Chili Stew. My favorite place to get spices is Penzeys.



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