Coming In June!  New Mystery Suspense Novels

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If you are looking for a good summer read, June will bring you a delightful selection of mystery suspense thrillers.

With names like Stephen King with Finders Keepers, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Jr series by Grant Blackwood, and Joseph Finder with The Fixer, it’s clear June will be an outstanding month for Mystery Suspense and Thriller fans.  Lots of big names, many sure to be bestsellers.  James Patterson, Lauren Carr, Brad Meltzer, Daniel Silva.  On the Romantic suspense side, Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot.  More than a dozen cozy mysteries too.

All just in time for summer reading.  Many of the selections are already in my cart or on my wish list.  The full list is available on Mystery Suspense Reviews, but I thought I would share a few of them here.  You may have read many of the authors before. If not, here is a good opportunity to learn more about them.  Try someone new this summer.  You’ll enjoy getting to know any of the characters in these novels.

Open Season for Murder, by Lauren Carr

Lauren Carr’s newest is the first to appear on June 1st.  The tenth book in her bestselling Mac Faraday series sounds like another entertaining mystery.

In case you haven’t met Mac, he is a former homicide detective who retired when he inherited $270 million from the birth mother he never met.  Moving to her home on Deep Creek Lake, he now finds solving murder makes an excellent hobby.

In this particular story  it is a cold case that catches his attention when he receives a phone call from the woman who died!  Is she, or isn’t she?  All the players, both witnesses and suspects, will be attending the annual Diablo Ball at Mac’s Spencer Inn.  No way he will pass up the opportunity to solve the case.  Can’t wait!

Recently we enjoyed interviewing the bestselling author, Lauren Carr.  To read more about Ms. Carr, please click here  for our first interview, and here, for the second.

The Return, by Michael Siemsen

I happened on Mr. Siemsen’s book, The Dig, several years ago after seeing the title itself.  The story made me a fan.  Any mystery involving archaeology is extra fascinating to me.

The series features Matt Turner, a young man with a gift that has made him a recluse.  Anything he touches he sees its past.

In the first book that took him back thousands of years.  In the new book, his secret is out, he can no longer hide his talent.  That means that everyone wants to use him for their own purposes, some good, some bad.  It should be interesting to see how he manages.  Very entertaining premise.

You can read my review of The Dig here.

A Fatal Chapter, by Lorna Barrett 

This book will be the eighth book in the Booktown series, a fun series set in Stoneham, New Hampshire. Main Street in the charming town holds a collection of book stores.

Tricia Miles, the main character, owns and runs the Mystery bookstore.  For a small town, they have more than their share of murders.  All of which Tricia feels the need to solve.

The stories are fun, especially since so many revolve around the various book stores on her street.  Light and fun entertainment.

The Fixer, by Joseph Finder

It looks like another bestseller is on the way for Joseph Finder with this soon to be released stand alone.  It sounds like an intriguing story.  An investigative report moves to his family home when he loses his job and his apartment.

Once there, he finds money hidden in the walls.  Millions actually.  Naturally he wants to know where his father got it, but the more he investigates the more people are after him.  Do they want the money or just to keep him quiet?

Mr. Finder is so good at complicated plots with surprising angles.  This one sound fascinating.

Spiraled, by Kendra Elliot

Spiraled represents the Romantic Suspense genre this coming month.  The third in the Ava McLane and Mason Callahan series, it sounds like a good one.

She is FBI.  He is a cop.  This time there is a series of shootings in Oregon.  Ava happens to be at a mall for one of them, without her weapon.

The killer shoots several victims, then kills himself.  While trying to get past that carnage, it happens again.  Mason is after the motive, desperate to know why it is happening.  As he investigates Ava is falling apart.  Will she pull herself together in time to help him?

Here is my review of Vanished, first in the series by Kendra Elliot

Many More…

These are only five of the wonderful selection.  You can see the full list here at Mystery Suspense Reviews.  Better start early to fit in several for the month.


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