Rocco DiSpirito: Cook Your Butt Off!

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Rocco DiSpirito: Cook Your Butt Off!

I would have really preferred Mr DiSpirito to have called this fascinating book something else, but never mind.

It’s still pretty amazing and as for the recipes – wow.

Yes, this is a weight loss book but it’s certainly one with a difference and something I love is that it’s incredibly easy to follow.

Rocco gives a two-week eating plan, plus the recipes and shopping lists, but he also appreciates that not everyone has time to cook every meal so items you can buy commercially can be substitutes.

But nevertheless, his passion is cooking great, healthy food at home.

His theory, which he has tested at length, is that the very act of cooking gets us moving, uses up calories and gets the metabolism working out. Forget the gym, he suggests, and cook instead.

You’ll get exercise and delicious homemade food.

Over at Amazon the description of the book hypes this up a bit too much. It implies that the recipes have almost no calories because you’ll use the energy in preparing the food. That’s not quite strictly accurate but it is true that if you prepare a meal that contains 300 calories, and you expend 100 calories cooking it, then your calorie intake is only 200. That makes good sense.

So, what sort of foods can you expect to eat if you take Rocco’s two week weight loss challenge?

Well, he encourages the use of organic produce. There might be one or two unusual ingredients that will be new to you but they are pure and healthy. All recipes are also gluten-free.

Here are some examples:

  • Grilled sweet potatoes with spicy coconut
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Roasted pork with sauerkraut, apples and dijon mustard
  • Sangria
  • Ham and tomato panini with spicy mayo
  • Ice cream sandwich
  • Chicken with artichokes and rosemary

Rocco is, by the way, the proof of the pudding.(Couldn’t resist). He’s an experienced chef but says that ten years ago he was thirty pounds overweight and had elevated cholesterol and blood pressure levels. This book shows how he became the lean and fit bloke you see on the cover of the book.






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