Memorial service for cow

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Memorial service for cow shot by police.

cowOkay, I’m prepared to admit the the police might have over-reacted a little. When three cows escaped onto an English road, police were concerned for the safety of the public.

I’ve researched this and oddly, cows escaping is not an unusual phenomenon.

Cows being shot by the police is hardly unusual either. In the most recent case, two of the three escapees were successfully captured but the third was classed as a danger to the public and was shot dead.

People were outraged

Not only outraged, there are at least two Facebook groups set up in memory of the cow and a memorial service will be held.

For a cow. Yes, a cow.

I don’t know about you, but I think the world has gone mad. Thousands, or probably by the time you read this, tens of thousands of people have joined the Facebook groups.

People are commenting about it all over the internet. They are saying that the poor cow meant no harm. But in fact a cow could quite easily kill me with a blow of its hoof to my head. Can you imagine what would happen if a car hit a cow and swerved off the road? Or if it trampled a toddler in a stroller? The thing was a danger. They can be bloody bad-tempered too.

Others said that it should have been tranquilised but they fail to realise that cow-tranquilising darts aren’t part of the police arsenal. Haven’t they ever watched a bullfight or the Pamplona bull run? These things are massive. The police would have received far more criticism if anyone had been injured or killed because of a rampaging cow.

In the US over 18,000 cows are killed every day by the meat industry

They don’t get memorial services and Facebook pages. If I was in the UK I’d be inclined to go to the memorial service to ask the expected hundreds of people exactly what they had for lunch or dinner. Or better, I’d hire a food truck and see how many customers I’d get for burgers.

P.S. The memorial service is taking place at Chicken Lane. Maybe my food truck should sell nuggets too?



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Author: Jackie Jackson

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