How to create a Google ad

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How to create a Google ad

Google_adsDo you use Adsense? Would you like to have Google ads on your site or blog?

All you need is a free Google Adsense account and then it’s simplicity itself to add your own money-making advertising to your website or blog.

How much money will you make? It depends on how many hits your website gets but every penny you earn is welcome.

To be eligible for an Adsense account, the first thing you need (obviously)is a website.You can’t apply in advance. Your website will have to match their simple and basic requirements.- certain topics aren’t allowed but that won’t be  factor for 99.9%of webmasters or bloggers.

You can find out more about the requirement and sign up for Adsense by following this link.

Once you have your account, the next step is to create your own ads which is simple.

Just follow the steps below.


Sign into your account. (You’ll need to be signed into Google itself). You’ll see at the top of the page the basic navigation and the option you need is ‘my ads’.

See the image below.



My ads


twoYou now need to click ‘new ad unit’.

There it is in the image below.



Click ‘new ad unit’



Name your ad.It’s  good idea to do this with a meaningful name so you’ll be able to see how each ad is performing in future. You also have the option here to choose the style and shape of your ad.

Selecting ‘responsive’ is a good idea – that way,it will adapt itself to cellphones and tablets.



Name and select your ad.


You can leave the additional settings as they are. They are the settings that are recommended by Google to maximise their potential.

Then all you have to do is press ‘save and get code’. You cansee how this button looks in the screenshot below.



Press ‘save and get code’.


Nearly there! When the next box pops up,you’ll see the code you need for you ad right there. All you need to do now is copy the code.

You can paste this into your website or blog wherever you wish your ads to appear. If you have  blog, the sidebar is the most usual place to locate it.





Copy the code.




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Author: Jackie Jackson

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