Quiche for Christmas

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Quiche for Christmas

What’s versatile enough, filling enough, and tasty enough to tide your family over ’til Christmas dinner? Why, quiche, of course.

What’s perfect for a quick breakfast, a formal Christmas brunch, a simple lunch, or a light supper after a busy day? Once again, quiche comes to the rescue!

Crustless Cheese and Salsa Quiche

With our simple quiche recipe you can bake it the day before and reheat to serve, or put the ingredients together while the oven’s heating then serve it up in an hour with very little fuss or muss.

Counting carbs? This recipe is crustless, so there’s nothing to count. And if you’re watching your fat intake, use reduced-fat cheese if you like (I do), but don’t skimp on the half-and-half or you’ll have a runny mess.

For morning, serve quiche with fruit (fresh, frozen, or even canned to keep it simple). Add a lovely green salad for a simple and nutritious supper. Or serve it solo; it’s superb!

Tempted? Try it!

You’ll find our Crustless Cheese and Salsa Quiche recipe, including step-by-step photos, here.



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Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. Susan’s right! I love this quiche recipe for any meal. So versatile and forgiving too!

    • I have you to thank for the original recipe, Dianne. It’s a favorite!

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