Demis Roussos

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 Who was Demis Roussos?

2015-01-27_0822Demis Roussos was the most unlikely popular singer. In the nineteen seventies, when women were throwing their knickers at the (mildly sexy) Tom Jones, along came this fat, hairy Greek who sang like a girl – and his female fans loved him.

He was the most unlikely sex symbol.

Demis was incredibly popular in England and he put this down to the availability of cheaper European travel. He suggested that his Mediterranean style reminded people of their holidays in the sun. Well, it must have been something.

Alternatively, as you can see in the photograph, he invariably wore kaftans on stage (which led to his nickname ‘the singing tent’) and claimed that this was part of his attraction for women as he wore nothing underneath. (Remember, this was the early seventies!)

For those of who preferred to listen to heavy metal it was all a bit sad – but our mums liked him.

Cult classic play: Abigail’s Party

But as soon as I hear Demis Roussos, I think of just one thing. Many British people remember his most famous song, Forever and Ever, because it was featured in the incredibly funny play, Abigail’s Party. This stage and television ‘comedy of manners’ starred the incredibly wonderful Alison Steadman portraying the social-climbing character, Beverly.

She is typical of so many women of her era and the music she loves the best – that of Demis Roussos – was so very typical of the lifestyle she aspired to and life in nineteen seventies suburbia. You can see  this in the scene below. Beverly is hosting a ‘drinks party’ for her neighbours and to her, the height of sophisticated music is that of Demis Roussos.

 A brutal symphony in chiffon

This is how the character of Beverly was described – just perfect.


This was such a successful play, that it’s still available today. Use the link below to read reviews on Amazon.
Abigail’s Party










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