Book Review: Dennis Lehane’s “A Drink Before The War”

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Book Review: Dennis Lehane’s “A Drink Before The War”.

If author Dennis Lehane is unfamiliar to you, I bet you will still know of his work. Have you seen Mystic River? How about Shutter Island? Those two recent hits were authored by Mr. Lahane.

Years before that, Mr. Lahane published his very first book, A Drink before The War.

Escape back to the 50’s, to a gentler time in many ways, but a harsher time in others. In the first book featuring Patrick Kenzie and Angela Genaro, with murder, politics, and gangs, we don’t see too much of the gentle side.

Dennis Lehane is an effective author. He will make you feel the tension, the era, the intrigue. His stories remind me of the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly, even though they take place decades earlier. In this case private detectives investigating the each clue step-by-step, the dialogue used while the team figures out what’s next…

Part of the delight of a good detective story is hearing their thought process. That’s probably why a book is usually so much better portrayed than a movie. We get to be in their brain with them to see how they work out each clue.

It was my first book by Mr. Lehane, but it won’t be my last. There is plenty of excitement, twists that keep you tuned in, and some unusual, not so likable supporting characters. It’s a classic old style detective story that describes the times exceptionally well.

You can read my full review here.

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