Design Your Own Hair Ties

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Design Your Own Hair Ties

Hair tiesThese are the soft stretchy ones that are approximately 5/8 inch wide. They measure around 10.88 inches long, and can be made with a solid color and/or you can add your own images.

You can space the images out, enlarge them, and/or tile them for an easily repeated design.

Here are the initial steps:

Click on the DIY Hair Tie Link (below).

Click on Customize It.

Click on Add Image.

Select an image from your Picture File and Click on that.

Look for the symbols towards the upper left of the screen. Click on the square box. It will show the dotted red lines if you have an image that you want to keep within the printing area. You can adjust the size of your image here by clicking on the box around your image. Otherwise, if the image is to be printed to the edge (have bleed over), you can stretch the image out to the solid red line.

Here are the customizing steps:

Once you have your image sized the way you want it, look to the right for the Customize area. You’ll see a plus sign shape; when you scan your mouse over it, a box will appear around it. Click on the very center of the plus sign. This will center your design.

If you want to tile this image, click on the Gear icon, then on Tile this image. Then click on the first box you clicked on (on the left) to see your creation.

If your image has the background erased, you can select a background color to fill in around it. Under the Background Colors, click on the little eye dropper to view more color choices. Click on your color choice.

If you want to do your own spacing of the image; once you have the image sized and centered, Click on Edit, and then on Copy. Then Click on Edit again and then on Paste. Then drag the image to where you want it. Repeat this step as often as necessary to get the design that you want.


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. Though I no longer wear my hair long, this is a really useful article. I could have used it many years ago, then perhaps I wouldn’t have cut my hair. I hope yours is a very successful new year.

    • Tanya, I know the hair ties come in handy. This is the longest that I’ve gone with shoulder length hair or longer, in a very long time. Will you be letting your hair grow out?

      • I may, but for now short hair is a convenience I cherish. If I do, I know where to go so I can stock up on hair accessories.

        • I know what you mean. Short hair is so quick and easy to wash. I do like short hair too. Overall, I’m liking just pulling my hair back in a hair tie to easily keep it off of my face.

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