Easter Crafting with Your Kids

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Can’t Wait to Start Easter Crafts

You too?

Crafting with children for occasions like Easter is so much fun. Having kids about to decorate eggs, go on Easter egg hunts, even shopping for pretty and special Easter outfits brings back so many sweet memories! It was always a time for family to gather, to celebrate the day, and enjoy each other’s company.


The spring colors, especially the pastels somehow always make me smile. When I think of all the Easter encompasses, it is a time of joy and refreshment. The bulbs bursting up through the soil, the trees filling with blossoms. Hopefully, the snow is melting. It has to happen eventually, right? Living on the West Coast, I don’t have to wait for that so far.

With that in mind, I went on a search for fun things to do for this Easter. I found a treasure trove of kits, craft books, egg decorating ideas, and more. I want to do them all! I’m ready to get out the construction paper and felt squares and cut out eggs and bunny ears for the kids to color or decorate. I want to stock up on eggs to hard boil and color. Then of course, there will have to be some baking done–that’s a must with all the sweet spring recipes I’ve been collecting. I hope you are have as much fun planning as I did!

Kits and Crafts – for whatever the age.

Cute little projects that will keep kids busy with fun decorating ideas. Great to spark their imagination and get them in the spirit too.

Make jewelry, decorate eggs or walls, use little fabric squares to make quilted foam eggs. There is no end to what you can do that will be fun, easy, and entertaining. It would be fun to set a table with all of the options and see what children come up with for themselves!

500 Pieces of Fun

For slightly older kids, what fun they can having stringing beads into adorable necklaces, bracelets, or garland. For any age, 500 Easter stickers.  Decorate eggs, drawings, place mats, and more with a variety of designs.


Add These Items to Your Shopping List

To have on hand for a variety of different crafts

  1. Glue
  2. Glitter
  3. Confetti
  4. Pipe cleaners
  5. Stickers
  6. Yarn and/or string
  7. Plastic eyes
  8. Pompoms
  9. Ice cream sticks
  10. Poster paper
  11. Pastel Markers
  12. Crayons
  13. Felt in pastel colors
  14. Fabric such as small flowers, Easter patterns, pastel colors
  15. Sequins
  16. Jewelry clasps/fasteners
  17. Bead
  18. Rickrack
  19. Styrofoam eggs and other shapes
  20. A plastic bin for storing everything during and after Easter

Decorate Foam Eggs

String art, yarn, sequins, glittler, fabric pieces…Your imagination is the limit. Combine different items for a unique decoration. I can picture four or five in a big basket! Great for a centerpiece or decoration anywhere. Kids will have fun decorating and feel like they have contributed to the decor too!


Making new traditions

Spending time together

I love the idea of sitting with my family, looking through one of these books, deciding what to make this year for Easter. I’m going to put the date by what we choose, then next year when we are doing the same thing we can pick new ones. Many of the crafts you will keep year after year. Perhaps we should add a little bigger plastic bin to the list. Sweet memories and new traditions.

While the decorating and the Easter egg hunt is fun for all, as a Christian I want some of our crafts to focus on the reason for the of celebration of Easter. I was delighted to find several Bible craft books to help me with ideas that kids can get in on. From palms for Palm Sunday, to felt for animal cutouts, to small rocks to create a mini-tomb, I’ve many thoughts in mind.

All of them are cause to celebrate!

The Encyclopedia of Bible Crafts

Here’s a selection of Bible crafts that can be used for all occasions all year round. Over 200 pages of craft ideas that will share the meaning of Easter with fun.



Martha Stewart, Always a Great Choice

The more I see of Martha Stewart, the more I realize you can’t go wrong with her books. She is bound to have wonderful ideas for beautiful and fun crafts. This one is for Kids! Plus it’s another book that is good year round.


We’ve come a long way

New ideas for decorating all those eggs

When I was young we used the traditional egg decorating kit. Add in some crayon drawings and we were pleased with the result. Today we can choose from glitter, the 24k look, and a ton of other options, just for decorating hard boiled eggs.

Of course these days there are usually some plastic eggs around too, cute little things you can open to stuff with candy, stickers, or a variety of sweet little surprises.

Personally I’ve found the plastic ones are a little easier to hide in the yard if you have dogs who want to get in on the action. They will eat the eggs when they find them, and are usually faster than the kids at sniffing them out!

 Still, I hope the tradition of dying Easter eggs doesn’t go away.  It’s so much fun to do with your children.




Crafting ideas live! – Some nifty ideas for you and your family

Looking for more ideas?  Check out these two videos for a fun variety for all ages.



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