Enjoy Yourself, it’s Later Than You Think

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Enjoy Yourself, it’s Later Than You Think: Good advice

Neil_BaldwinIt might just be a song lyric, but it does have a ring of truth,doesn’t it? Admittedly, ‘it’s later than you think‘ might be a touch maudlin but the point is, it’s true.

You see, I’m seventeen. Well, you know I’m not but in my head I am.  My dad is in his nineties. I wonder how old he is in his head? Much younger, I’ll bet.

I well remember being about ten or so and thinking about that great date in the future, 2000. Although arithmetic was never my strong point, I worked out how old I would be at the time of the Millennium. “Oh dear’ my ten year old self thought ‘I’ll be too old to go out and party by then’.

In fact, when the Millennium finally did roll round, my older self went to a perfectly wonderful and riotous party which included much booze and an action-packed fight in the street in which this ‘old dear’ took full part. So much for being too old. I really wanted to go back and tell that ten year old.

But I’m getting off the subject here. Which is – or at least, this is my interpretation – live for today.

Last night we watched a British TV programme (not yet available in the USA on DVD otherwise I’d give you an Amazon link. It’s available  at Amazon Uk though – here.) It was about a completely astonishing man named Neil Baldwin, diagnosed with a learning disability. He was a lovely bloke and achieved wonderful things. Smart too. Here’s a quote from the film I love:

“I always wanted to be happy. So I decided to be”.


The entire film is right here. You’ll love this:




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Author: Jackie Jackson

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