Essential Guide to Outdoor First Aid & Medical Emergencies

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Essential Guide to Outdoor First Aid & Medical Emergencies

Medicine for the Outdoors is one of a few books that I own that I view as essential. I use it at home, and not just when I’m, say, hiking or camping in the wilderness. There is a ton of incredibly important information in this book for just about every medical emergency you could possibly think of.

Do you know what to do if someone is choking? Not breathing? Unconscious? Suffering with a broken bone anywhere in their body? Bleeding? Unless you’re the expert on these sorts of things already, I strongly recommend this book. As stated, it is useful both at home and in situations where you’re far from any medical facilities.

In the wilderness you may encounter other injuries not so common at home. Heat stroke, frostbite, encounters with dangerous animals (such as bears, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, etc), encounters with dangerous plants (such as poison oak), are examples. This book explains what to do, and is so important.

In my opinion it’s reckless to go exploring in the hills or anywhere in nature without knowing a lot of the basic information for what to do in emergency situations. This book will give you that information, and of course is designed to even save lives.

My recommendation is to take the book with you, such as if you’re camping in the mountains or on a backpacking expedition.

Western medicine is the best in the world for emergency situations. It’s something I think everyone should study and become educated in.

Here’s the book on Amazon.


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  1. This does seem to be a useful book, whether home or in the elements. I have a friend who will enjoy this very well.

  2. It sounds like an excellent book to have around the house as well as camping trips. We can all use a guide for bites, cuts, etc., not to mention to help us know if it is doctor visit worthy! Thanks for sharing it.

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