Every Secret Thing, by Susanna Kearsley, A Review

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London, England:

Kate Murray is standing there, just feet away from the man when he is killed. If something like that happened to you, wouldn’t you want to know about the man?

It happened to Kate. She can’t help but want to know more. After all, he had approached her, as though he knew her, about a story, a long ago murder. The fact that he mentioned her grandmother increases her curiosity.

His name, Andrew Deacon, a kind, elderly gentleman. Yet there was far more to the man.

The Story:

In her accomplished style, Ms. Kearsley once again takes the reader from current day back into history. This one is more recent history, that of World War 2. The author is a master of intertwining the past with the present. You feel you are in both eras, just as she wills. Her description and research in the past is thorough, with details, voices, and attitudes that accompany it.

Kate begins with her grandmother. who takes her back to that past, draw the reader into the time, the changes and even the independence the war brought to women.

Then, before the two finish their conversation, her grandmother is shot.

Kate is now on the run, afraid to get close to anyone, following a trail that began in the 1940’s. Will she learn enough when at every turn, there is interference? After all this time, who would want to harm those who were left? How many will die before the truth is revealed?

From lead to lead, person to person, she will question, trying to put the many pieces together. Yet for every clue she uncovers, the killer is always there/

It has an entertaining flow to it. Each person she visits takes the reader back to the past, right into the scene, to places and people who may or may not connect.

You will want to stay attuned to this one. There are many characters to follow, yet it all comes together in a fascinating story of love and loss, history and murder.

From Audible:

The audiobook version, courtesy of Audible, was excellent. Be sure to listen to a sample here. With so many different characters, it is surprising how well Katherine Kellgren is able to vary her voice. Listening to the accents in audiobooks help transport you to different countries, letting you to sink into the surroundings. This one has many accents as well, from London to France to Spain.

Ms. Kellgren often is the narrator of  Ms. Kearsley’s audiobooks. It is easy to see why. She has a voice that makes it easy to listen.

Susanna Kearsley has many other wonderful novels that will take you back in time to romantic settings across the globe. Then tie them with stories of today. Her ability to take the reader along on those mysterious journeys is something you will not want to miss.

Try this one. See if you don’t agree.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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