Favorite Health Book: The Paleo Cure

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Favorite Health Book: The Paleo Cure

paleoThe Paleo Cure by Chris Kresser is my new favorite health book. I’ve been studying it all through 2014, and now into 2015 (the time of this review is January 2015).

This is saying a lot, since another health book I’ve reviewed here on Jaquo.com called The Blood Sugar Solution, by Dr. Mark Hyman, helped me lose over 50 lbs and drastically overhaul my health.

Ever since I overcame multiple problems through improving my nutrition and overall physical health, I’ve continued to study the subject, and it led me to reading Chris Kresser’s articles on his blog, and to purchase this book when it came out in January 2014. The hardcover version is called Your Personal Paleo Code, and the paperback version is The Paleo Cure. Same book.

What “Paleo” means

The word “Paleo” refers to how our ancestors lived anciently. Kresser reviews the scientific evidence for how humans lived and ate around 10,000 years ago, before more modern inventions such as agriculture and industry. Although there were challenges back then that we no longer face, studying what humans did anciently gives us clues as to what is natural for humans, and consistent with our hundreds of thousands of years of evolution.

More recently, major changes have been made in the way most people eat and live, and it’s had horrible consequences for our health. The diseases we commonly see now, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other common afflictions are modern and a result of adopting foods and lifestyles that don’t fit what our physical bodies are naturally adapted to and able to handle. Common modern health problems simply didn’t exist if you go back in time.

A personalized plan with much more than just nutrition info

This book has astounding nutritional information, but also has much more about all aspects of health. The book doesn’t recommend one single diet, or exercise schedule, etc, for everyone but both encourages each person to find what works best for them, plus explains how.

As someone who loves science, I very much appreciate how Chris Kresser doesn’t have any agenda except for getting the facts of each issue. He is a masterful researcher, going through scientific studies and evidence, and he is equally masterful at taking what is known through science and explaining it in terms anyone can learn from and apply to their life. His explanations are incredibly clear and helpful, and always backed by real science.

Kresser overcame some serious health problems that tormented him for years, and in the process became a health expert, and he uses his knowledge and skills to help others. He has a private practice in the California Bay Area, writes articles on his website, does a radio show every week, and now we all can benefit from this amazing book.

This book has so much information, and there are also bonus chapters on his website, a long list of references on his website (so he didn’t have to fill up space in the book with them), and much more. This is a huge health program anyone can apply and, with his explanations and guidance, tweak and customize to suit their own personal needs.

Very highly recommended for anyone serious about their health.


Jonathan Nielsen writes for InfoBarrel as TanoCalvenoa. He is a geographer by degree and loves the natural sciences, especially the Earth sciences, astronomy, zoology, and paleontology. He is also an artist, juggler, and guitarist.



Jonathan Nielsen writes Tano Calvenoa’s Science Blog,, operates multiple social media accounts, and also writes for InfoBarrel. A resident of Southern California, he is a geographer by degree and loves the natural sciences, especially geology, astronomy, zoology, and paleontology. He is also an outdoor explorer, artist, juggler, guitarist, and martial artist, and happily married with four young children

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  1. Between this and the Blood Sugar Solution, I’m having a hard time deciding where to start. Your reviews make both sound invaluable. Thanks for the information you’ve included. They are both going on the list.

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