Felt Easter Projects – Eggs, Bunnies and Basket

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Felt Easter Projects – Eggs, Bunnies and Basket – FREE Patterns and Tutorials.



egg 1
pink bunny 2

felt flat basket 1

I saw some cute eggs and bunnies at Pinterest and decided to make my own pattern for the egg. I had a pattern book with the basket pattern. I just drew a freehand drawing of an egg shape for the eggs.

The Bunnies were two different patterns that I used.

Pattern One

Pattern Two


Pattern three



​I drew a few egg shapes and then pinned the cut out eggs on the felt that i wanted to use. I cut two eggs for each finished egg. I attached the ribbon and lace on first. Then I embroidered each egg front with DMC Embroidery floss. I used from two to six strands for each stitch. I sewed on the buttons and beads lastly.

After each egg front is completed I stitched each of the front and back of the egg together except the top two inches. Then I added a small amount of Poly Fill to each egg. Then I finished sewing up the egg. I added a loop of Embroider floss at the top so one could hang the egg. You can make a “tree” to hang the eggs and bunnies and add some of the mini lights on the tree. The mini lights have a battery. We did this for several holidays and as gifts. Here is one that we made for a friend with chocolate candy hearts hanging with glued on ribbon.


My daughter used a branch from a tree that was about two feet tall. Placed in a large two quart size bucket from the dollar store. You can alternately use a 46 ounce can. You can decorate the bucket or not. For Christmas we used a piece of cloth tied with a ribbon. Fill the can with glass rocks from the dollar store. They look like flat marbles. Fill to enough to hold the tree branch in place about 6 inches. You can then decorate your “tree” with each Holiday design.

Here is the Tree we made for Valentines Day.


Bucket is finished with some pink tissue paper on top of the glass rocks

I made about 24 eggs. I have a lot of people I make gifts for so I need to make a lot of eggs!


placementI cut out several paper bunnies and laid the patterns on the felt of the colors I wanted to use.

​Decorate bunnies

​For each bunny I added a pom pom for the tail of the profile bunny.
Sew two bunnies together except for two inches at the flat side near the tail. Stuff with poly fill. Sew on pom pom.

If you do not have pom poms cut a circle and add it to the back before you sew the bunny closed. With embroidery floss sew a few whiskers, eye and a nose.

purple bunny 2

For the full face bunny

I cut out the bunny pattern and then pinned the patterns to the felt. Cutting two for each bunny you want to make.

I made feet for some of the bunnies out of an oval shape two for each bunny.


Pin feet on the front of each bunny, white felt pinned for the tails when I ran out of pom poms

Embroider eyes, nose and whiskers on the front of each bunny. Then add the feet.

purple bunny close up
Embroidered feet on the bunny front

Sew shut as you did for the other bunny and stuff with poly fill. Sew remaining two inches closed.

Flat Basket

felt flat basket 1
Cut out one of each color for the basket.  After I was done I realized one piece of felt was too weak to hold all the beads. I would recommend two pieces of average thickness felt for the baskets.

  • Cut out the flower shapes and sew them on as shown here layered pinching the flower in two to make it three dimensional.
  • Add beads and buttons where you like.
  • Sew some embroidery to outline the bottom of the basket. Add back to the basket and sew the two pieces together.

Using cloth material for bunnies

three bunnies

Back of bunny to show the pom pom placement

The following year I did not have any colors of felt to make bunnies so I just used some material I had from other sewing projects.

I did the same as above for each bunny as for sewing and stuffing. Using two pieces of material I sewed the material with right sides together.  Then I turned it right side out. Then you can stuff as before and sew the last two inches together.

I used puffy paint to draw the eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers. I attached the pom pom on the backs of the bunnies.

More bunnies, a basket and an egg

I used white felt for the tails on these two bunnies as I ran out of pom poms. Add white felt before you sew the bunny closed.

Happy Spring!


Sherry Atbutterfly enjoys crafting with Plastic Canvas and yarn to make all kinds of decorations and fun items for the home. Many of her craft articles feature detailed tutorials and lengthy instructions. This is what she loves to do, She is a teacher. She is also involved with Early American History, Family History and genealogy. Sherry is legally blind.

Author: Jackie Jackson

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