FitKicks Shoes: Next Best Thing to Barefoot

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Fitkicks Footwear: ForĀ girls on the go.

I have to let you know about my latest discovery. I always prefer not to wear shoes whenever possible, but it’s not always practical. These fabulous FitKicks shoes are the next best thing – they protect your feet, are non-slip and waterproof and are so comfy.


They look stylish too and are available in several colours. The comfort quotient is incredible, they are so easy to clean and they are also incredibly affordable. You don’t know you have them on. Wear them:

  • At the gym or for dance class. The non-slip soles keep you safe
  • At home instead of slippers
  • When travelling – they are lightweight and they fold
  • In the pool or ocean – the chlorine in your pool won’t damage them
  • For exercise and walking
  • In communal showers such as at the gym, dorm or campsite – avoid fungal infections
  • At the airport – they are absolute bliss when you’re standing in line
  • When you’re working at your desk – take a break from your business high heels
  • When you have foot problems or an injury
  • On the beach

You’ll love the fact that they are breathable – even in the hottest conditions you can avoid ‘sweaty foot syndrome’. And they are washable and quick to dry.

Suitable for all ages

FitKicks are great for active teenagers and at the other end of the scale they provide comfortable and safe footwear for seniors. And of course, for everyone in between.

The soles are sturdy – if you’re walking on a pebbly beach they protect the soles of your feet. This makes them great for yardwork, walking in the countryside or for leisure activities such as surfing or paddle-boarding.



Feel as though you’re walking in bare feet all the time but with full protection. See the video below for more info and see reviews and order at Amazon.


Note: On the Amazon page there are one or two reviewers who said that they had a problem with this shoe. Rest assured that this has now been addressed and corrected by the manufacturers.



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Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. These fitkicks really do sound comfy. I see they have some pretty patterns, too. Thanks for the heads up!

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