Fort Lauderdale: Paddle Board Vacation

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Paddle on the river from your own rental apartment!

One of the wonderful aspects of a Fort Lauderdale waterfront apartment is sitting on the dock or balcony watching the water traffic as it goes by. So why not join in? It’s easy. You can make the most of this fun sport directly from our secluded dock.

paddleboard vacationAll you need to do is step out of your vacation apartment and everything you need will be right there for you. The paddle boards will be delivered at the time you request, along with all the equipment you need. You’ll even get tuition to get you started.

After a brief introduction, your own paddle board expert will watch you as you ‘set sail’ on your waterfront adventure. She will explain everything you need to know and for your safety and security, she operates with a full licence and insurance.

Explore the local waterways and canals in a safe, sunny and quiet environment. Drift leisurely on the calm waters as you explore the area, known as the Venice of America, at your own pace. Choose what length of time you want to enjoy on the water – rent your paddle board for just an hour — or even a full day if you want to make the most of your vacation in Fort Lauderdale.

You’ll see a side of the area that most visitors are never able to see.  It’s not a strenuous sport by any means but is very relaxing and calming. It’s perfect at any time of day but a great time is in the hour or so just before sunset. Watch the light change was you drift leisurely along the lapping waves.

And when you return, your own home-from-home apartment is just steps away!

Find out more about the apartment here.



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