Friendly Fire, by John Gilstrap, A Review

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Book 8 in The Jonathan Graves Series

Jonathan Graves has been a favorite character of mine since I ran across No Mercy on Audible. A hostage rescuer with all the talent and skills needed to stealthily find and retrieve the missing, he is a fun and fascinating character.

The 8th book in the series increases that fondness. What do you do when a child you rescued is arrested for murdering the monster who hurt him?

Friendly Fire is a twist to the usual plot lines, very well done. So well written that I listened to the book in one day (and stayed up late to do it).

The Story

A young man, working at a coffee house, suddenly follows a man from the shop and kills him. This is where the story begins.

Arrested for the murder that was witnessed by many, young Ethan Falk doesn’t understand why the police won’t listen to him. He killed the man who had kidnapped him and abused him a dozen years earlier. Yet when the police check out his story, they find no record of it. Only one police woman believes he might be telling the truth.

When Graves hears about Ethan he knows he must do all he can to rescue him, without revealing who he is. Turns out there is far more to it. How likely would it be that this particular man would be connected to another case—one that involves terrorists?

The subject matter is disturbing at times, but it definitely brings your emotions directly to the question. Years after abuse, can a crime be considered self defense?

Rogue mercenaries, like Jonathan Graves himself, were no longer needed by the government. Not all chose the path Jonathan did. He is up against terrorists, kidnappers, some who are selling children…the worst kind of people who could care less what happens to others. And they all wrap in and around the government itself. Separating the bad from the good is not usually so difficult. Finding the terrorists in time will be even harder.


What a great novel to listen to through Audible. Love the narrator, Basil Sands, as well as the story. Mr. Sands has narrated most of the series, which is always a plus. It’s easy to associate his voice with Jonathan. You can check out a sample here on Audible.

John Gilstrap has created an exciting character and series that you won’t want to miss. While it is a series, each book is easily a stand alone as well. You can read (or listen to) it out of order and will still love it!


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Author: Merry Citarella

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