Game Changer, by Douglas E. Richards

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The New Bestseller from Douglas E Richards

A complicated plot, likable characters, and fast paced action combine into an exciting new novel from author, Douglas E Richards. Talk about a brain twister. As you read Game Changer you will understand why it is an Amazon bestseller already.  It’s definitely an appropriate title.

  • An operative, Kevin Quinn, who attempts to assassinate his employer. That employer happens to be the President of the United States. Why would he do such a thing? Because he saw the President kill his wife. Only he has never married.
  • A renowned neuroscientist, Rachel Howard, a Harvard professor, on the verge of a major discovery that would be life and world changing; The potential of using the brain in ways we haven’t imagined.
  • One man, determined to control it all for his own reasons. His goals will cost millions of lives.
  • Another man, standing in the shadows, knowing what is at stake. But will he harm or help?

They come together in a tale that is breathtaking in its scope. Do you have an image of what mind control would do?  This goes beyond that. Imagine if you could ‘upload’ knowledge to the brain. Picture instantly knowing world history, or knowing how to speak several languages.  Hard to comprehend how that might occur, right? Then take it a step further… What if someone could make changes in someone’s memory at will?

Rachel and Kevin must learn who would manipulate the minds of many and why.  If they don’t find him in time, many will die.

What If?

The reader is drawn in, considering the ramifications the potential changes science may soon bring. It is remarkable to learn and consider how our brain functions, changes, and adapts. While some of the science went over my head, it is still clearly explained in layman speak. It is fascinating, actually, to read, to try to comprehend.

Think of the potential. You may find you start on one side of the issue, but when you consider the effects-perhaps even the ripples of the butterfly effect–you may reconsider. “Faster and easier” is not always better. Another potential discovery intended for good that could be transformed into something evil. It leaves you wondering “what if.” It also reminds that there are always pros and cons to be weighed.

Part techno, part scientific, one hundred percent thriller. All exciting to explore.


At the end the author includes information on his research as well as anecdotes. You will appreciate the details he adds to how he came to write this interesting novel.

Game Changer was released in April of 2016. The author has several other popular novels including Split Second and Quantum Lens, generally either techno thrillers or science fiction. Besides his adults novels, he writes the Prometheus Project series for middle grade years.

I to listened to the book in audio from Audible. The narrator is terrific. Since I wanted to keep reading it was fortunate. I could read as I ran errands, and did other things. It always makes the day more fun. You can listen to a sample here, if you think you might want to try it.  Mr. Richards is definitely on my ‘follow’ list now.  Looking forward to reading more.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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