Getting Back Into The Workforce:  State Offices

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A Great Resource for Your Job Search


The local employment office of your state is good for anyone looking for work, whether you are getting back into the workforce after years away or a recent change in employment. I admit, I’ve always avoided it in the past. I thought it was all about unemployment. Since I was trying to avoid the need for unemployment, I passed it by.

Many of you will be familiar with them, but I was surprised when I began researching. What they offer is very impressive. Do find where yours is located and make a visit there. You can usually stop in at your convenience to get the beginning information. Once you’ve begun the process you may or may not need an appointment to review everything with the staff.

Work Force/State Employment Offices

Your state employment agency can be a huge help. You will find offices for them widespread throughout most counties. We have one in our small town of less than 10,000 people. If there isn’t one in your city, it is worthwhile to travel to the nearest one to check out what they offer.

You will find …

  • Computers to use to complete and send applications.
  • Their own list that they match to applicants.
  • A collection of other job sources.
  • Job listings.
  • They connect you to jobs and leads in nearby towns as well.
  • Training. Chances are they will offer access to online courses you can take at home or using their office computers. At no charge. Sometimes we just need to brush up on particular skills, depending on your field.

Once you have registered, much of the information can be found online from your home or wherever you access a computer. That makes it so easy.

construction-664679_640Other services

In addition to job listings and suggestions, they may provide you with information of the Department of Human Services, which may offer suggestions/help for expenses and insurance. Our local office includes info on obtaining any food handling card you may need. Other licensing information is available as well.

I was very impressed with all the information available, and not just for my particular town. You will find the staff is there to help you in any way they can. It’s encouraging to have someone there willing to meet you where you are to lend a hand.

It is an excellent resource that is available to all. Do take advantage of it!


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Author: Merry Citarella

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