Gift Ideas: Birthstones

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A Treasured Gift

2015-08-13_0820 Birthstones today have become a very special way to honor the recipient’s birth month.  With so many types of jewelry available, it is a sweet gift that can be given more than once.

For many it is an annual tradition.  Rings, necklaces, cuff links, earrings, all are lovely gifts that will last for many years, if not lifetimes.

The unique designs below are only a few of the selections available.  Every birthstone has a collection of designs from delicate to clunky, large stones or small, old fashioned, classic and modern.  There is something for every taste and every age.

From a father to his daughter each year, a treasured collection she will cherish when she is older.  For a mother,  it is fitting to give her the gift of a birthstone for each of her children, for a grandmother, for each of her grandchildren.

It is a special remembrance that always shows how much you care.

The History of The Birth Stone

Did you know how the birthstone tradition actually began?

As long ago as Josephus, the well known first century historian, the stones were said to be related to the twelve stones on Aaron’s breastplate, the months of the year, and even the zodiac months. On the breastplate, they signified each of the twelve tribes of Israel.  From there it developed that  a different stone was worn for each month by anyone.

In more recent times (500 or 600 years ago), Poland and Germany both claim to have begun the practice of a single stone that would represent the month of a person’s birth.  That tradition continues today, though different countries have some variations in the stones. America and Britain are generally the same for the traditional stone, though each country has one or two secondary variations more recently.

Birthstones By Month

You can choose from a variety for many of the months…

January — Garnet

February — Amethyst

March — Aquamarine, Bloodstone

April — Diamond

May — Emerald

June — Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite

July — Ruby

August — Peridot

September — Sapphire

October — Opal, Tourmaline

November — Topaz, Citrine

December — Turquoise, Tanzanite, Zircon

Click here to see the entire collection of beautiful designs for each birthstone.


Click here for more detail on these and more.




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