Gift Ideas for Dinosaur Lovers

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What is it about dinosaurs that transcends generations even though they are extinct.  There is nothing especially cute or cuddly about them (I admit to exceptions).  They usually seem to have a lizard like skin.  We so often see them fighting another also extinct species.

Perhaps that is the draw right there, or maybe it is that they existed so far in the past.

Whatever the reason, kids and many adults love them.  If anything, they seem to grow more popular each year.  That strikes me as very good, since it is an excellent way to inspire their interest history, geology, archaeology, geography, and even meteorology.  That interest may stay with them throughout their lives.

You can find adorable clothes such as baby one piece suits, t-shirts, pajamas, and sweatshirts.  Stuffed animals abound.  There is jewelry that children will adore.  Puzzles, cake coppers, even a miniature ‘dig’ they can set up and play with.

The recent release of the new Jurassic Park has given rise to even more fans, perhaps a whole new generation.  The Tyrannosaurus Rex is generally considered the most popular, though the Sauropods, which could be as long as 100 feet and weigh 100 tons, and the Triceratops, with there huge horned heads, are quite impressive as well.  The flying Raptors, the Stegosaurs…there is such a variety.  The fun thing today is that our children can often tell us about each.


Don’t Forget The Adult Dinosaur Lover

For the adult dinosaur lover, did you know there is even  jewelry available?  Made from dinosaur bone, fossilized, and estimated to be at least 65 million years old, it would be an amazing gift to a dinosaur lover.  Imagine wearing from so far back in time.  What a memorable gift idea.

I picked the pendant shown here so you can clearly see the striations in the bone.  Besides pendants there are beautiful cufflinks, and rings available.  As well you will find lots of dinosaur shaped charms and pendants for any age.

Browse the collection here, and see if you don’t agree there is something for any age to enjoy.  Personalize a gift if you like as well for an extra touch that will be loved.

Click here to see over 700 beautiful selections like these.



The company featured here gathers the best of designs from small businesses and offers them for sale through their site.  It’s a wonderful way for small artisan designers to have their products shared.  I am sure you will be delighted with the selection they offer.


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