Gift Ideas for The Environmentally Friendly

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Help Eliminate the Plastic, Seriously

We are all becoming more and more interested in protecting the environment. When we see a seagull with plastic caught around its neck, when we read that the plastic water bottles we buy and discard would stretch around the world if lined up, it hopefully inspires us to do what we can to help.

The rwo very simple ideas included here would be so helpful to our environment it seems that everyone should be using them.  They make an excellent gift idea for anyone, any age.

That’s one reason the Sigg water bottles and the Rume bags are good investments. Both will last a long time–ours are still in very good condition after years of use. The Sigg bottles pay for themselves in a few weeks if you drink (and buy) a lot of water. We added a Britta filter to the mix and now rarely buy bottled water.

More and more stores are eliminating plastic bags and some cities are banning them entirely. Yet they made it so much easier to carry groceries in and out. The Rume bags do that and hold much more per bag.  They are so sturdy, they still give you the ability to haul them all in at once if you choose.

So convenient and easy to keep with you,  you are not as likely to forget them at the store. I always keep a couple in my purse. They take no room at all.

It may seem a little thing until you remember how every little bit adds to the whole.

These reusable bags roll up so small yet hold so much

These bags are good for everything! For groceries–they hold up to 50 pounds each, yet are made of lightweight fabric that is water resistant and washable. We’ve washed ours often and they have held up well.

They roll up so small they can easily be kept in a purse or a pocket.

We pack them in our luggage for trips, laundry, everything. They make an excellent extra carry on if you run out of room or weight in your suitcase.

We keep some in the car too. So durable and handy!

We’ve had the same sets for nearly five years now and they are as good as new. We load them up too. I highly recommend them!

There is a great selection of designs you can choose from. You can see the whole collection here.

BPA Free Insulated Water Bottles

Want to stop spending so much money on bottled water? Please!

Water bottles should be a must in any household. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and prices, as you can see in the selection here. When you think of what we can spend in a week on bottled water, either of these will pay for itself quickly.

And help the environment at the same time!  So many discarded bottles still do not get recycled.  The cost–the waste–of the oil used to make the bottles would go a long way toward providing energy for homes and vehicles.

We have several of the Sigg bottles and love them. Since the 1.5 liter size is getting hard to find, I found this one instead.  It holds 32 ounces, which is just right to me.  I don’t have to fill it as often.

Many are insulated–they will actually keep ice through the day. They are stainless steel, and completely BPA free. Ours have held up really well over the four years since we started using them. It features a wide mouth so you can add ice easily, plus a small mouth for straw for drinking–more spill security. We keep several handy and cold. Get these, and cut down on the plastic bottles.

By the way, I totally understand there is a need for bottled water at times.  I don’t expect they will go away.  But if we were to cut our use in half, what a huge difference that would be!


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Author: Merry Citarella

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