Gift Ideas: The Electrolight Backpack from Lewis N Clark

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Lightweight is remaining a trend, and it is easy to see why.   We haul around so much.  Not just books for school or work, but water, extra layers, cameras, laptops or tablets, and…and…and…

So why add to the weight of all that with a heavy backpack?

Of course if you are backpacking for more than a day hike, you would want something with more support, but for most other times, an Electrolight Backpack like this one will suit perfectly.

Ideal for Travel

You’ll notice that it folds up into a very small little pack.  That makes it so easy to bring along in a suitcase.  It’s so lightweight it won’t eat up luggage weight if you are flying, yet once you get where you are going, you will have a handy pack with you for outings, hikes, and shopping.

The pack is made from silnylon that offers durability, water and stain resistant, as well as lightweight.  Weighing in under 3 ounces, it opens to 17 inches high, 13 inches wide, and about 6 inches deep.  That should easily hold water, camera, lightweight jacket, snacks, beach towel.  The “burst” weight is 60 pounds, but it isn’t recommended you carry that much.  The straps are non skid too, to help hold them in place.

With several colors available, (red, yellow, turquoise) why not get a variety for your family so they are easy to tell apart.  The colors and bright and easy to spot too.  That is a plus for hiking and shopping both.

It’s also available as a duffle with a long strap.

Have you seen how popular the packing cubes are these days? Lewis N Clark makes cubes in electrolight fabric as well.  It is so much more practical to use them when they weigh nearly nothing.  Think I’m phobic about being over 50 pounds at airline check-ins?  Could be.

Check Out The Video

Watch the brief video below for details. You can see it is just right size.

Lewis n Clark makes a variety of  Electrolight products as you can see in the photos below.  Click here to see the entire selection.  




Let’s hear it for the super lightweight products!




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Author: Merry Citarella

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