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Bird Houses and Feeders for Your Yard

2015-08-01_1502Part of the pleasure of having a yard around your home is watching the visiting wildlife. It varies from one home to another. Some might have deer and raccoons, sometimes its bunnies. You’ll find frogs, lizards, insects of all sorts, and a lovely selection of birds.

Every area will have a different variety of birds as well. It can be a joy to your entire family to see what birds will visit. If you check a local bird book you can see which birds you can attract, then provide feed accordingly. Some enjoy suet, others will nibble all day on any packaged seeds. Fresh fruit and nuts are favorites as well.

Like the ‘Reclaimed Vintage Steel Bird Drinker Feeder,’  pictured here, that was created by by Kayleigh Radcliffe  A feeder adds charm to your yard. This one can be used for water or for seed. Hand painted using low VOC paint and organic chalk and pigments. It would look darling on a balcony or in the yard.

As an added treat, with a birdhouse placed here and there, protected from sprinklers, rain, and animals, you may find yourself cheering on baby birds. You can watch while Mom (and sometimes Dad too) fly back and forth to the house, first with twigs, threads, anything appropriate for her nest, then once the babes are born, with food and worms to feed the open squawking mouths of her young.

If you time it right, you may even witness their first flight from the nest you have helped provide. The sweet thing is that the nest may be used year after year. It is a delight to watch them and get to know their characteristics. Listening to the songs they sing always makes me smile.

In our area, we’ve have the usual sparrows and finches, robins, woodpeckers, the sweet chickadees with their little black heads, an occasional jay, crows, and a flock of adorable yellow birds that I couldn’t identify.

You will find an adorable collection of both feeders and houses here.

Besides that you may find all things bird. From paintings to decor items, clothes, and crafts, there is a huge selection.





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Author: Merry Citarella

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