Gifts for Animal Lovers:  Lambs and Sheep

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Little Lambs for Cuddles.

There isn’t much cuter than a little lamb. Watching the spring babies frolic in the field always makes me laugh at their undiluted joy. Whether the real animal on the farm or the man-made variety for decoration, a stuffed animal, a design on fabric, they are just so cute. Even the big guys, full and round with wool right before shearing, are hard to resist.

Lambs seem to symbolize peace and comfort too, which may be why children of all ages are such fans. Today you can find toys, books, and room décor that will charm everyone. Whether you want to decorate, snuggle, play or read, there is a lamb just for you.

When Easter comes around, they have so much more meaning. The lamb has been important in faith for thousands of years. From the time of Abraham when a lamb was substituted for his son as a sacrifice, to Jesus, called the Lamb of God, as well as being the shepherd, protecting his sheep. One of my favorite Bible verses is Isaiah 11:6, the one that says the wolf will lie down with the lamb, the calf and the lion together. It speaks of such love and peace.

Lambs, while cuddly, are also an important farm animal. What pleases me is that their wool is sheared year after year, so they can be more useful than for food. You can learn how to raise and care for sheep here too. As a 4H project they are a hit every year.

Let’s Start with Baby – Irresistible for Snuggling

All kids love stuffed animals and these are some of the cutest! Great for babies and young ones. But also loved by seniors for a sweet cuddle. Actually, all ages find stuffed animals hard to resist.

Facts about Sheep

There are over 1,000 varieties of sheep around the world, and over forty here in the United States. There are more varieties of sheep than any other animal! While some are grown for meat or for milk, the ones that surprised me were the variety for wool. There’s fine and medium, and more, but there are even sheep specifically grown for carpet wool. Nearly half of the sheep population is grown for fine wool, usually a merino sheep, or an offshoot of it. That makes me even more thankful that they are sustainable! It’s reassuring to know that we can shear them for their wool and let them live on. Since their average natural life span is 10 to 12 years, but apparently there was one merino sheep that lived for twenty three years.

Sheep – Read All About Them

There are lots of books featuring lambs. You can learn all about them, read a story with them, and even solve a mystery with them. Something for all ages, from little ones to future farmers to crime solvers!

The Lamb

At Easter, the bunny seems to have the spotlight. But it seems fitting that the lamb should get to play too. After all, don’t the baby lambs remind you of spring? The visions of them dancing reminds me of renewal. Renewal always makes me think of spring. Babies, budding leaves, new fruit, green grass. Aren’t we all ready for that? It’s time to get outside, breathe in the cool, crisp air, work in the garden, enjoy the sun. All the spring colors, from flowers to grass will be so vivid soon. Then of course, everyone knows that sheep are the perfect animal to count when you are trying to fall asleep! Their wool does look rather like pillowy clouds. It makes me sleepy just thinking about them dancing over my head.

Sweet dreams…

Counting sheep isn’t just for adults, you know. How charming sheep are to decorate a young child’s room. Soft, sweet, and not at all scary. You can find decals, bedding, all sorts of decor sheep that will be a sweet touch in your child’s room.

Who Can Resist a Good Frolic?

Want to know why they are irresistible? Take a look at the video below and smile!


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