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31oTrw1WdjLI’m not big into cosmetics that you put on your face and I’m not knocking anyone who is, but for me, I prefer to keep things simple. To that end, you won’t find me wearing a whole lot of makeup on a daily basis. I just don’t have the time or the talent to use some of the millions of products out there.

I would rather not wear any make up than wear it incorrectly!

There is one thing though, that I cannot do without and that is a good body cream!

A few years back, I was fortunate enough to make a trip to Israel. During that trip, we went to the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth. We basked in the most mineral laden waters that I have ever seen. The water is so thick with salts and minerals that it almost feels like Jello! In certain areas of the Dead Sea, you don’t dare go into the water without some kind of protection on your feet! Not because the water is harmful in any way, but rather because the salts crystallize on the sea bed. If you know a little bit about crystals, you know that they can be sharp! So stepping out into the water of the Dead Sea requires foot protection.

What astounded me the most though, is that after a leisurely float around and just the enjoyment of this “thick water”, when you came out of it, and rinsed off your skin, you could not believe how soft and creamy your skin felt.

Again, when you are swimming around in the Dead Sea, you cannot put your face into the water, the salt content is far too high and it will sting and possibly burn your eyes. But I wanted that feeling of smoothness and softness for my face too! Well after our day on the Sea, we went shopping to the Ahava Outlet. This is where you can buy Ahava creams, lotions and potions to take home with you. These creams are made with the minerals that are found in the Dead Sea and are strictly regulated by the Israeli Government. You can’t just slap a label saying Dead Sea minerals if in fact it does not come from the Dead Sea.

The Nourishing Body Cream is just that! When you put it on your skin you will know that it is better than anything else you have ever tried before. I consider myself so blessed, that I have a friend who goes three or four times a year to Israel, so I make sure she brings some home with her, just for me! Truth is that I could order it for myself, but my friend is a “religious” and does not make a good income, so I supplement her income with the purchase of this cream. She in turn, let’s everyone on her tours know how good that cream really is. She has a great endorsement of it from me!

The other thing I like is that as far as cosmetic creams go, it is not the most expensive but it really is a great cream! Try it, I bet you will like it. And it is available right here! It won’t cost you a trip to Israel to get some for yourself or the ladies in your life.

shavingAnother little secret, “they make creams for men too!” My husband got some and he loves it too!

The men in your life with thank you for this wonderful Shaving Cream, it makes their tough skin so smooth.

trioAHAVA Face Trio Gift Set. This is a lovely gift set for any lady in your life. What a beautiful combination.




AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream

AHAVA Time to Smooth Age Control Even Tone Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20, 1.7 fl. oz.

Ahava Mineral Stars Set

AHAVA Time to Energize Foam-Free Shaving Cream for Men, 6.8 fl. oz.


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