Giving Candy to Strangers: Stan Holden

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Over the years, I must have read hundreds of books about business, about selling and about relationships. But here’s one with a definite difference.

You see, it’s not just that the author thinks that business can be fun, he also believes that by having fun and adding humour to your day-to-day business interactions you can increase your business, add to your client base and of course,  enhance your own life.  Makes sense!

Stan Holden


For many years, business has been seen as a rather stuffy and sober part of our lives but why should it be? Especially today when we have so many opportunities to have fun and when more than ever we have the tools to do so. There’s a lot of gloomy news in the world today, isn’t there? So let’s make the world a happier place and increase our business as we go.

Of course, your idea of fun and that of the author might be two very different things. For example,I can’t see myself using a three-foot fork to pinch french fries from a stranger sitting at a restaurant table. (Yes, the author did that!) But we all can develop our own ways of adding a little levity to our business lives and the author does appreciate that some professions are more suited than others for various careers – as he says, in his graphic design business his title on his business card was ‘Exalted Ruler’ which might not be suitable for someone in medical sales 🙂

But the point to take away here is that there’s no need to follow the conventions that stuffy business people have been adhering to for years and that standing out from the crowd (which is surely what we want) is easily achieved with a mindset that includes just a bit more fun than people expect.

Yes, do mix business with pleasure

We’ve all heard that old saying ‘don’t mix business with pleasure’ but think about it- why on earth not? Most of us spend at least forty hours working and can’t those hours be fun?

Being helpful, doing good

The book is packed with little stories about how the author has done another person a tiny favour and has ultimately been rewarded simply by making the most of casual interactions. Here’s an example.

One day he received a voicemail message that was obviously not for him – the caller had the wrong number. Most of us would just ignore it, right? I would. But the author called the person back and explained what had happened and that she would need to re-contact the person she was trying to get in touch with.

This was after all just a thirty second courtesy. The lady was in the gym, she told him, busy with her workout. He apologised for disturbing her and suggested that she took a look at his website (which was promoting a nutritional product).

A week later, she called back, but intentionally this time. She wanted more information about his product and after their conversation, she placed an order worth over $1000. As the author explains, even accidental interactions such as the one described can turn into business. He got a great order and the lady benefited from his products – a great story.

Practical tips and advice

But please don’t think that this is a self-congratulatory book in which the author simply relates his successes – it has plenty of fabulous advice and clever tips. And I promise you that if I, having read so many books about business and selling, find great tips and advice then you will too.

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Author’s Bio:
Stan Holden, owner of The LooneyBin Creative Studio, has created work for many Fortune 100 companies. As a protégé, he was first published in a national magazine during the 5th grade. A graduate of California University Long Beach, his screenplay, Rebel Without A Claus, has received a “recommend” by Disney and optioned for filming. He resides in Irvine, CA, with his wife, Reneé, and their two teenagers, Sara and William.

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