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Reusable bags are the only way to go today.  It is such a simple thing each of us can do to help protect the environment.  You’ve seen the photos of the plastic trash bags in the ocean and the land fills.  They are not only dangerous to wildlife, but are also bad for the soil.

Now that cities are beginning to ban plastic bags, it’s time for a better solution.  Even knowing how damaging plastic can be, many of us have found them easier because you can carry so many at a time.  Reusable bags like these are a big improvement over the plastic, and not just because they are better for the environment.

Go Reusable

Reusable bags offer that same feature of easy carry, without the down side. Today they make them in styles that take up so little room it is easy to keep several in your purse all the time. My family has been using the Rume bags for years.  That is literal years.  We have the same assortment, in two different sizes, that are still in excellent condition after 6 years now.

They last for years, hold so much more than a plastic grocery bag, and have more comfortable fabric handles that will go on your arm or your shoulder.

When I ran across this set, complete with hook to hang on the grocery cart, I had to share it with you.  They couldn’t make it much easier to have bags with you any time.  You can see on the video how handy they are.  Grab the little pouch available with either 5 or 10 bags inside.  When you get to the store  you can hang them on your cart.  Unfasten to remove the bags you need.  When you’ve emptied them at home or wherever, stuff the bags back in through the drawstring top.

Each bag holds up to 50 pounds. Plus, they are Bluesign certified, so you can be sure they are eco-friendly.

The fact that they take so little room makes them essential to me.  Stash them in your car, in a suitcase for travel, and in your purse for shopping.  So handy, lightweight, and reusable.  Once you get in the habit of using them, you will take them everywhere.  Camping, traveling, the beach, shopping, any outing where you might need a little extra space to hold things.

Check out the video here to see how the little bag works.  They are a terrific product!

Great gift idea for anyone, any age!


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Author: Merry Citarella

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