Support The Golden Girls Lego Sets!

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Support The Golden Girls Lego Sets!

As I was watching the Today Show  one morning I seen that the Golden Girls Legos maybe coming out soon. That really caught my attention. Now isn’t that a hoot but so deserving! I use to watch these shows with my parents all the time so I have fond memories when I hear anything about them.


Some of you may ask what is the Golden Girls? It is a sitcom series about 4 ladies that live together in Miami, Florida. A mom and daughter and two close friends. They are older women who are single and living life together. The actors that play the women are Bea Arthur (Dorothy Zbornak), Betty White (Rose Nylund), Rue McClanahan (Blanche Devereaux), and Estelle Getty (Sophia Petrillo). They played their parts really great. The shows were such a hoot and fun to watch. Their antics made your giggle up a storm. There were seven seasons all together that started back in 1986-1992. You can still watch them as reruns or get the DVD set

 The Golden Girls: The Complete Series

I really think that is neat that Legos have been made of them. I couldn’t believe how much they look like them after seeing them on the Today Show. The replica settings of their home and antics they went through have been made so perfect. Sam Hatmaker  is the creator of this idea for the Golden Girls Legos. She has done such an amazing job at making these intricate sets and figurines. I sure hope they make it to the stores. Actually they are in a supporter stage. So let’s help out. Let’s support that project of the Golden Girls making to the stores shelves! All you have to do is make an account with Lego Website to vote.

Guidelines to Vote:

Go to Lego Ideas Website
Make an account.Then you will have to confirm activate account from your email.

Screenshot (113)

Click on the Discover Tab. Search for Golden Girls on right hand side.

Screenshot (114)

Click on Support on right hand side. You will answer a few questions. Then it will tell you Thank You for supporting. Click Follow is you’d like to be updated on progress.

Screenshot (115)

So what to do you think? Will you VOTE for the Golden Girls to come to your stores in your area? I did!



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Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. Too cute! Love that their is a house and all too!

    • Thanks Merry. There are so many different kinds of Lego’s out there but these just so neat!

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