Jack Reacher is Back Again in “Gone Tomorrow”

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Jack Reacher is Back Again in “Gone Tomorrow”

Gone Tomorrow is the thirteenth in the very popular Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. It’s very well done, and one of my favorites…so far…

Jack Reacher is riding on a NY Subway at two in the morning.

If you are familiar with Reacher, you will know it is natural for him, with his skills, to analyze his surroundings wherever he happens to be. You come to expect that. His observations always give you the feeling you are there with him, seeing what he sees.

In this case, few people are on the train at that hour, only five in his car. One of them meets all the criteria of a suicide bomber.

Never one to ignore a problem, he confronts the potential bomber and a woman dies.

What happens from there is one of Lee Child’s fortes. When he meets the woman’s brother, he grows more intrigued. Feeling somewhat responsible he can’t stop speculating why it happened. Then a young man goes missing.

If it was as basic as people tell him, why are so many interested, from the police and the FBI to unidentified government officials and a private security firm. They are all after him, some going to extremes to take him down. But if you know Jack, you know that won’t be so easy.

As he delves deeper into the mystery of the woman’s death, every explanation he is given turns out to be a

lie. All of them believe the woman had information they want. All of them think Reacher now has what they seek. Yet still their intentions are hidden in shadows. Does our government want the secret to stay hidden or does someone else have their own purpose for it And is it to harm or to protect our government?

A large part of the pleasure of reading a Jack Reacher novel is following his train of thought. As a former

Major in the Military police, he processes details so well as he considers every possibility, and Mr. Childs is a master of taking us along. How he reads people, how he makes his decisions. He shares it with us so we understand why he does what he does. It makes for such an interesting character.

I listened to the audio version of Gone Tomorrow. The narrator, Dick Hill, is so perfect for Reacher’s voice. Now whenever I listen, it’s like hearing a friend tell me a story. What could be better than that?


If you would are interested in reading more about this book, including other reviews, you can check it out here. If you like mystery/suspense, but haven’t yet read Lee Child’s series, I highly suggest you start with the first one, Killing Floor.

Every book in the series is easily a stand alone, but it’s rather fun to start with Jack right from the beginning.

I have enjoyed every book in the series, enough that I will no doubt read or listen to them again. Interested in another book in the series? Here is a review of Nothing to Lose, the book written immediately prior to this edition.






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