Gourmet Food: A Great Gift

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Is he eating properly? Is she cooking for herself?

Chances are that there’s someone whose nutrition concerns you. It might be a son or daughter who is at college and living away from home for the first time. Or maybe you worry about an elderly relative.


Whoever you’re concerned about – and whatever their age – healthy and delicious foods are a always a wonderful gift idea. It’s also a lovely way to send people special treats that they wouldn’t ordinarily buy for themselves.

The internet makes it easy.

Not a food parcel

The old-fashioned idea of a care package or food parcel is rather patronising today. From the young and the old the response could possibly be a rather affronted ‘don’t they think I can look after myself?’

But when you’re sending treats, that’s another matter.

Many of us who are parents know all about ‘stealth nutrition’ – sneaking healthy foods into our kids’ diets, in disguise. That’s what we’re doing with this ideal gift idea.

A splendid gift idea for all ages

Over the years, I’ve often received foods gifts. I’ve given them a lot too. Every single time, these have been appreciated. Retirees who are on a fixed income love them.

Sometimes, they aren’t quite as knowledgeable as younger folk about nutrition because they simply weren’t brought up appreciating it’s importance. My mum was a typical example. It wasn’t her fault, of course, she just hadn’t been brought up to be concerned about nutrition.

By sending regular gifts, you can be assured that your loved ones have healthy food in the pantry.

My favourites

When you buy treats online, they will be delivered directly to your recipient and many can be gift wrapped along with a personalised card. What a time saver that it.

Subscribe and save

Another aspect of buying food online that I really love is the subscribe and save system. Using this, you can have your gifts sent at intervals. there’s no need to think about it at all – everything is done automatically for you.

Here are some great ideas

Isn’t this gorgeous? It contains many lovely treat items and all are either certified organic or one hundred percent natural. It even includes Alaska salmon (definitely a treat).

There are also crackers, bars, spreads, nuts … lovely healthy nibbles with no preservatives or other junk.

Don’t you love the container? These are great to use for storage purposes once all the treats have been eaten and enjoyed.

This would be a perfect gift for almost any one of any age. What’s wonderful is that every product is either organic or free of preservatives and other junk.

The recipient enjoys a selection of treats that are good for them.

More information about subscribe & save

There are literally hundreds of food items available at Amazon that are eligible for the subscribe-and-save system. Crunchy nutritional bars are a great idea for people who are always on the go.

Vitamins and food supplements are also available -you can arrange for them to be sent on a regular basis. Note that there is no obligation and you can cancel at any time. This is a wonderful service – especially for regular food gifts. You can ‘set it and forget it’ and let someone else do all the work. Perfect.

These lovely soups are perfect example of the subscribe and save service. (You can see more details about it below).

There’s something particularly wonderful about homemade soup but so few people have time to make it (even if they have the skills).You can schedule these to be delivered regularly so that a loved one can enjoy the pleasure of healthy, tasty soup. These soups are of the ‘just-add-water’ type – so easy for anyone to make no matter how busy or culinary challenged they might be.

Fruit and nuts are so good for us in so many ways and make a lovely gourmet gift.

On the right you see a lovely selection of delicious treats that will bring health benefits to the recipient. Using the scheduling system, you can sent this at the interval of your choice.

If you’re concerned that  teenager at college or an elderly person on  budget isn’t getting enough nutrition, this is the perfect choice.

These treats are irresistible and like the deluxe gift basket above, the tray can be used to create valuable storage in a small space such as dorm room. This selection gets great reviews on Amazon.


Another great and healthy idea is seen here. The additional benefit of this type of gift is that they are suitable for just about any occasion you can think of. Everyone loves to eat.

And quite sneakily, you are ensuring that the recipient is getting the nutrients that he or she needs – plus some tasty nibbles too.

The one you see here is kosher certified too.

It includes organic teas, dried fruits, nuts  and several other treats. It’s quite a small basket of goodies so is more suitable for a senior with a small appetite rather than an active and sporty college freshman.

See more ideas here

Use the subscribe and save service




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