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A great way to organise almost anything.

Although the Grid-It organising system was developed to control tech clutter – phones, earbuds, chargers etc. –  this brilliantly simply yet effective storage system can be used for so many things.

Here it is.

You can see how it keeps your devices and their accessories safe and organised but because the Grid-It comes in several different sizes, you’ll understand how useful it is for organising and protecting so many different items. For example:

  • Office or school equipment such as scissors, pens, a notebook and so on2015-10-16_2016
  • Makeup and cosmetics – great for in your handbag or for travellers
  • Tools – create an instantly accessible toolkit
  • Craft supplies
  • Kitchen equipment – you can see from the photograph how you can use a simple command hook to hang it
  • In your car for those necessities and emergency items
  • To organise the interior of your purse
  • In your briefcase for business meetings

I’m sure you can think of dozens of other great ways to use it. The rubberised straps on the Grid-It holds everything firmly and securely and it’s completely flexible and adaptable depending on your needs.

There are a couple of videos below that explain in more detail. It also makes a wonderful gift idea and it can be ordered from Amazon.



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Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. I agree, Jackie – Grid-Its are the best thing since sliced bread! 🙂 I’ve even seen them used as portable makeup organizers.

    • Hi Margaret,

      I know someone who allows one-per-kid when they are travelling (even if it’s just a short journey). The kids choose which toys / amusements to take and only have themselves to blame if they chose the wrong items 🙂

      But it’s a great way to teach young minds how to be organised. There are SO many great uses!

        • It makes all the difference to a Lego collection!

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