Halloween Safety

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halloweenHalloween is nearly here and kids big and small are all trying to figure out just what they are going to “dress up” as, or what character they will be for October’s Fright Night.

The possibilities are endless, and I’m sure that the young ones will change their minds at least a dozen times or more.

What shouldn’t change though, is the need for safety, while our kids are out there having their ghoulishly good times.

Safety doesn’t have to spoil the fun, rather it is meant to increase the fun our kids will have, without the heartaches that are due to accidents or carelessness that can happen, with the excitement of the evening.

I know from years of watching my own children trick or treating, that most kids don’t become careless just for fun, rather they are caught up in the excitement of being with their friends and all the fun of trick or treating in their own neighbourhoods or ones further north, south east or west of where they call home.

Parents’ on their part for keeping their children safe, can and should make some costume adjustments, to increase their children’s visibility when they are gadding about!

It’s not hard to do, and the outcome will make you and your children relax just a little bit, so that enjoyment is the key to the whole evening of revelry.

Here is just a small list of items to help you and your children make the evening a roaring success.

LED Shoelaces Light Up Shoe Laces with 3 Modes in 5 Colors Disco Flash Lighting the Night for Party Hip-hop Dancing Cycling Hiking -(Red)

These are shoe laces, but they can be woven into a hat, used in a wig, or “hairdo”, Braided into a necklace or used as shoe laces. The possibilities are endless and you can use your imagination or your child’s imagination to find just where these would be best suited.

100 8″ Glow Stick Bracelets,mixed Colors,100bracelet Connectors,5 Pairs of Glow Glasses Connectors,1 Glow Ball/flower Kit,5 Hair Clip Barrettes

With a hundred glow in the dark bracelets, all your children and their friends can be seen without too much fuss. A great idea that will keep them safe and seen!

They don’t even have to be used as bracelets, but can be formed and shaped to add an extra “touch” of fashion or a futuristic look!

Glow In The Dark Duck Tape 1.88″X10 Foot Roll-

If you can imagine “it”, you can use “it” anywhere and everywhere. DuckTape is one of the most useful products for anytime and anyplace, but the glow in the dark kind will give your costume that “creepy” feeling without taking away from your “scare factor”!

Body and Face Makeup gets a whole new look with Glow in the Dark Makeup, easily applied, safe for use on face and hair and no masks required, so that your line of vision is unimpaired.

Mehron Fantasy FX Face Paint Tubes – Glow In The Dark GL (1 oz)

Just think, adding some of these glow in the dark accents will not only help to keep your children safe, it will also add a dimension to their costume that will make everyone stop and take notice.

And just for that added touch of safety, as they are going up and down stairs, driveways and places that are unfamiliar, don’t forget to add a flashlight. This one is even environmentally friendly! Talk about sending your kids out with the right kind of message?

Perfpower Go Green GG-113-15RC 15 LED A/C Rechargeable LED Flashlight, Glow in the Dark Switch

Here’s hoping that you and yours have a great and happy, safe and friendly Halloween!


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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