Happy Birthday Elvis! – A Precious Tribute to Elvis

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 Happy Birthday Elvis! –A Precious Tribute to Elvis

Ella Mae Sings “American Trilogy”

We celebrate Elvis Presley’s birthday today.  Born on the 8th of January in 1935, “The King of Rock and Roll’ lives on 80 years later.

I can’t think of a better gift for Elvis and his fans than to share little Miss Ella singing “An American Trilogy.”  She’ll brighten your day, and no doubt, Elvis’ spirit must be looking upon her fondly.


Elvis Presley Aloha from HawaiiElla Mae is a happy 2 year old full of life and love of music, at least a love for Elvis.  Unlike most 2 year olds, she seems to really “feel it.”  Perhaps, most other 2 year olds feel a deep connection with music.

However, Miss Little Ella outwardly expresses it.

Chances are you’ve seen this video, especially if you are an Elvis fan, as the video was uploaded and released on YouTube in May of 2014.  It has received thousands upon thousands of hits and has circled around.   If so, enjoy it.

If not, you’re in for a real treat.

From the beginning smiles and interaction with her daddy to the precious squinty eye facial expressions to her young talent of nailing down the song and to my favorite, her pronunciation of “Elvis” with a sweet little smile will tickle and leave your heart full of warmth.

Also for your enjoyment and trip down memory lane, below is Elvis performing “An American Trilogy.”  You can see the similarities between Ella Mae and Elvis’ facial expressions.

She relates to The King!


One last note and lest we forget, Mr. David Bowie also celebrates his birthday today.  Yes, that’s right!  Elvis and Bowie share the same birthday.  So, we give a very warm happy birthday to you too Mr. Bowie.

It’s noteworthy to mention that it was when Bowie saw his cousin get up and dance to “Hound Dog,” Bowie realized the power of music

“…Glory, glory hallelujah

His truth is marching on…”



Melanie Wilcox is also known online as melaniekaren. Her educational background is in biology and environmental science; she loves our natural world. She writes about various nature topics, ancient symbolism, sustainability and self-sufficiency and most things spiritually esoteric. Visit Melanie’s website.


Author: Jackie Jackson

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