How To Hang Your Artwork

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The best placement for your wall art.

So many little things make up the difference between a professionally designed interior and one that has not had the benefit of the expert eye. One huge giveaway is how artwork is placed on the walls.

Luckily once you know the secret your home will not be like so many where artwork is hung haphazardly and there’s something about the professional way that subconsciously makes your home look right. And it’s simple. The height at which you hang your paintings, photography and other artwork makes all the difference.


The 57 inch rule for your artwork

What this means is that the centre of your artwork will be at the height of 57 inches – this is the way that museums and galleries hang their treasures.

Most people hang artwork too high

Using this method means that your pictures are hanging at the right height to be enjoyed by people who are standing or sitting in your rooms. You’d be surprised what a difference it can make.

Here’s how to hang pictures correctly – like the experts

Here’s how to go about it. You only need a measure and a little simple mathematics.

  • Measure the height of your artwork in its frame Let’s say for demonstration purposes that your framed photograph, original or print is 20″ high. Divide this by 2 so we have 10.
  • Now add 57.  Easy — 10 + 57 = 67
  • Now measure the distance between the top of the artwork and the hanging wire. (See the image below).  Let’s imagine that this is 2″. Deduct that number. Our last calculation has us at 67 so we simply take away the latest measurement – the two inches. This leaves us with 65.
  • Measure up your wall to 65 inches and make a mark with a pencil. This is where you tap your hanging pins into the wall
  • Hang your artwork!

So, for the algebraically inclined, our formula is:

Artwork height divided by 2, plus 57, minus wire-to-frame-top measurement. It’s easier than it seems 🙂



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Author: Jackie Jackson

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