How to Hull Strawberries

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The best way to prepare strawberries.

It’s so very easy to hull strawberries to prepare them for your favourite recipes. Use this method and you’ll have even more recipes at your fingertips. By removing that hard central core cleanly, you’ll be able to make strawberries stuffed with ice cream or chocolate or any other inventive ideas that will surely occur to you.


See the image above – aren’t those strawberries absolutely crying out to be filled? But as well as the advantage of being able to serve strawberries in new ways, this method of removing the hulls is easier and quicker than what I used to do – removing the core with a knife.

If you’re using your hulled strawberries with any sort of sauce or marinade, it will soak into the central area, making the fruit even more delicious.

9651297_f260Am I referring to some expensive gadget that you’ll need? No, all you’ll use is something that you probably have in your kitchen already – a simple drinking straw.

Rinse the strawberries and place stem-side down on a chopping board or surface. Grab your drinking straw and plunge it into the pointy end of the fruit. Push it gently.

Pick up the berry, twist slightly, push again and the central core will pop right out with the leaves still attached. Done, and it only takes seconds – maybe just a couple of minutes to prepare an entire pack.

The strawberries that I buy here in Florida are usually beautifully large so I use the thicker straws that are sold for drinking smoothies,energy drinks and so on.

See the photographs below.


Just poke the straw into the pointed end of the strawberry.


Push, twisting slightly, and the hard core and the leaves will be forced out by the straw.


And there we have it – no effort, no mess and delicious strawberries just begging to be filled with chocolate or your favourite ice cream. Delicious.

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