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Mr. Tin Man

Tin ManDid you know the tin can was first patented on January 19, 1825? Me either, I just recently learned that and that there is a National Tin Can Day in honor of that.  I think that’s pretty neat.

So In celebration of this day I want to share a fun tin can project and a little story about it.

One day while looking out my window at another place I lived at I noticed the neighbor had this really cool tin man hanging in their yard. I was like that’s super cool. I walked across the road to have a closer look. It had different sizes of cans and was put together with wire somehow. It was quite rustic looking since it was rusted some from the weather but I really like it that way.

So I started looking around online on how to go about making one. I found a neat diagram and lots of different photos  of styles in making one. They were really fun looking.

I did get lucky and ended up getting that very rustic tin man one day. It was a thank you gift for keeping an eye on the house as the older lady who lived there was at a nursing home for a while.

I proudly hung up Mr. Tin Man in my yard. I loved it.

Get The Pattern Here 


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. I had no idea the tin cans were that old!!! Pretty soon two hundred years old! Wow!!!
    Cheryl this is a cute craft idea!! It looks so cute! Thanks for posting the pattern!!

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