Howl at the Moon Day

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I know many people who last month waited and waited to see the Blood Moon and some of them were awestruck with the beauty of the moon that night and then the eclipse that followed. Others weren’t so lucky. The clouds came in an ruined the evenings attraction sending many to bed earlier than they had expected.

But wait just a minute! Here is another chance to go out and howl at the moon, like you have never howled at it before! Why? Well it is the official, Howl at the Moon Day and I know that the moon is going to be full too!

Howl at the Moon

Just this evening we were on our way home from a visit to the Grandchildren, when what to my wondering eyes did appear……, not a tiny sleigh with eight tiny reindeers, but rather a moon that was so awesome in its size and the strength of reflected light. I knew then, as I know now, that I will be out tomorrow night with my camera waiting for that perfect moment when the moon in all it’s beauty is just sitting like a great big ball in the sky, winking back at me and waiting for that guttural howl that I’m sure will erupt at any moment.

The only down side to all of this moon gazing, is that I’m no where near a body of water! I’m sure the reflection in the water would be wonderful and just perfect for the week before Halloween. Maybe I’ll make my way down to the creek and see if the Cyotes will be howling at the oversized full moon. But I’m sure if I saw their shadows, it would be me that would end up howling……I think I will stay home and watch from the safety of my own home, where if the urges to howl become too great, I can duck back inside until the urge leaves me.

My neighbours will be wondering what in the world I’m up to, gazing heavenward and fighting to keep in the building excitement of that Moon in check!

More than one Lunatic (lover of the phases of the moon) will be out waiting with baited breath for that moment. Full moons after all should be celebrated every month and sometimes twice a month. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! You have been made aware, now go out and howl!

When you’ve finished that exercise, get yourself some books and really learn something about the moon that you didn’t know before…….


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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