Igloo Craft For Kids

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Igloo craft ideas

Sugar cube igloos are a really fun igloo craft for kids who are learning about the history of the indigenous tribes who once lived in igloos, otherwise known as snow houses, to protect themselves and their families from the cold and harsh weather of the Arctic tundra.


Kids can get a history lesson while having fun building a mini igloo made from sugar cubes, 1/2 a styrofoam ball and glue. This igloo craft for kids is a great homeschooling supplementary activity to do with older children who are studying about the history of the Inuit people and other tribes from northern North America.

This craft is intended for kids old enough to safely use a low temperature glue gun. For younger children, you can use edible royal icing instead of glue to build the igloos. This would be a good idea for kids who may be tempted to try and sneak a bite out of their sugar cube igloo or if you have preschoolers underfoot!

Read more and get the instructions for this fun and educational igloo craft for kids by clicking the button below:

Igloo crafts tutorial




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