I’ll Never Let You Go, by Mary Burton

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Book Review:  I’ll Never Let You Go

Mary Burton’s latest book, I’ll Never Let you Go, is a fast paced thriller that I listened to in one day.  Filled with tension, the story that had me expecting the worst to happen at any time. That makes for a fast, exciting read!

The book is the third in the Morgans of Nashville series, the stories of a family of law enforcement officers in one form or another.  I enjoyed this one so much that it looks like I’ll be going back to read the first two in the series.

The Story

Leah Carson has left her husband after just one year of marriage, trying to break away from his abuse.  Her husband, a cop actually, is not ready to let her go. So angry when she refuses to come back, he stabs her–nearly two dozen times—before leaving her for dead and fleeing through a window of her house.

Fast forward several years,  Leah Carson is now a veterinarian in Nashville, moving forward with her life as much as she is able.  But it is hard to let go of the fear and panic that still holds her after that night, so much so that she doubts her husband is actually dead.

Alex Morgan, an agent with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, is interested in getting to know Leah on a personal level.  But are his motives sincere?  He investigates cops, and the one in his sights right now happens to be Leah’s new friend.

Both Alex and Leah are well drawn, likable characters. As the two dance around their interest in each other, strange little things began to happen in Leah’s life.  Little events, each recorded in her daily journal.  Misplaced keys, flowers delivered with no card, things out of place.  Things done to play with Leah’s mind.  Just like her husband would do.  Could the police have been wrong after all? Could he still be alive and after her?

Then there is another victim.

What follows is a thrilling, twisting story that brings Alex and Leah together searching for answers.  Neither wants to unveil their history.  Both have secrets. Yet to expose a killer, the clues may only be found in their past.

Audio version from Audible

I listened to I’ll Never Let You Go in the audio version from Audible.  It is always a pleasure when I can do that.  Not only is there much more time during the day to listen when I wouldn’t be able to sit and read, but the narration draws the listener into the story.  Colleen Marlo did a fabulous job with the narration.  She had a slight accent that I really enjoyed.  If you get a chance to listen, I highly recommend this one.

You can listen to a preview of the book on audio here:


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