Infamy, by Robert K. Tanenbaum, A Review

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Book Review:  Infamy

Infamy:  The state of being well known for a criminal, reproachful, or outrageous act.

Another impressive author back with his 28th book in his bestselling series. Robert K. Tanenbaum is a master of the genre.  Legal thriller, mystery, and plenty of suspense combine in Infamy for an exciting novel.

Books contains tension of so many varieties. Sometimes it is terror, sometimes angst, sometimes it is simply fear of what will happen next. That is what kept me reading this one late into the night.

When a courtroom is involved, the fear may increase. The matter of life or death? Perhaps it is because we don’t always get the expected results. Perhaps because  that decision is too often skewed by power, fame or wealth.

Yet no one should be allowed to get away with murder.

In Infamy you find a conspiracy the involves a secret mission in the Middle East. Long after, when you would think any risk would be past, people are dying. People that seem unrelated are found dead. First to die? A colonel in the United States Army. Suicide? Or is it actually murder?

In the midst of powerful wealthy men whose connections reach all the way to the White House, you find District Attorney Butch Karp. As usual, it is truth that interests him, not politics.

The clever attorney must walk a thin line to connect the pieces–and the cases—before he can find justice for all who deserve it. At his rear–sometimes ahead of him–is an investigative journalist who has her own secrets and her own contacts.

In The Courtroom

Very well crafted court room scenes. Prosecutor Karp builds his case slowly, careful not to reveal too much, that is, until he is ready. It’s a wonder to see him plot, set up, then catch a witness or the accused in his trap. While often courtroom scenes are stressful (at least to me), Karp’s control keeps the reader focused and very engaged. It is so well done that I am already looking forward to more. Since this was the first I read by Mr. Tanenbaum, I have many more to go!

Butch’s wife, Marlene Ciampi, plays a big role in the story too. Since she is a favorite with readers, that is another plus.

The book is completely engrossing. Corruption, politics, twists and turns, and some of the best courtroom drama I’ve read. Since the author himself is a very successful prosecuting attorney, it is well portrayed and concisely written.

Don’t miss this one! If you have read others or if you are new to the author, you will not be disappointed!

The series has been running since 1987.  Every year fans await the newest entry.  If you want to see where it started, begin with book one, No Lesser Plea.  Each book stands alone though, so you can easily start with Infamy.  Try it, and see if you aren’t looking for another once you finish.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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