Is a Lightweight Vacuum Right for You?

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Light to Lift!

My new vacuum is the Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Steerable Upright. It’s perfect. After twelve years my big Hoover Upright finally died. Actually it probably would have lived except that I broke off an important part (oops) when I was checking the belt. Yes, lesson learned. I didn’t do it on purpose–honest! Nevertheless, it was a treat to start the search for a new one. With so many different brands, and new technology besides, it turned out to be more complicated than I expected.
Since I’ve moved into a smaller home, this one with stairs, I had different requirements for my new vacuum. When I bought my last one, two very hairy inside/outside dogs contributed to my need for large and powerful. They were worth it, but they sure did shed! They’ve been gone for several years now, so things don’t get nearly as messy any more. With those changes I could look for almost any size out there.

Its Features

Here’s what was important to me:

Lightweight: Since I am hauling the vacuum up and down stairs, one of my first requirements was a lighter weight than my last vacuum. For some reason, I always get uprights. It might not have been as important if I was using a canister, but I’m not sure. Uprights vary greatly in weight, as you probably know. Some were 19 pounds, many in the 17 pound range.

This model, the Hoover Air Bagless Wind Tunnel weighs less than 14 pounds. Nearly 25% lighter makes a big difference in handling. Besides that, the hose can be pulled out so you can just use that if I want when vacuuming the stairs. It makes it so much easier.

Bagless: This was my second requirement. Perhaps because of all the dog hair through the decades, I got tired of buying vacuum bags. We could go through one a week easily–that adds up fast. My last Hoover was also bagless. It saved a lot back then. Now it just seems easier.

This vacuum is bagless, but it does have a smaller dirt cup than many vacuums. So far that hasn’t been an issue to me. It’s quite easy to empty, but honestly I think I’ve only had to empty it one time mid-vacuum. It holds enough that I can normally do all of my floors easily. It’s filter is easily rinsed too, so I expect it will last for years.

Good reputation: Besides those first two important features, I wanted a product with a proven reputation. The Hoover Wind Tunnel vacuums have been around a long time now. They have plenty of power and excellent technology. I was happy to stay with the brand. It comes with a 5 year warranty too, which is great.

Price: Knowing how long a vacuum lasts, I was willing to pay a little more for the one I liked best but didn’t want to spend a lot more when I didn’t need a lot more. This one turned out to be a very good price (I got it on sale too).

Favorite Feature: It’s Steerable

This wasn’t a feature I was looking for until I had looked around at the different options. Then I realized how nice it would be to have one that maneuvered the way this does. It is fantastic! Rather than only going straight forward and back, this lightweight vac turns with a turn of the wrist. It can practically do figure eights.. It makes it easier to get around legs on furniture, and into corners. It even lies nearly flat for under beds. So steerable has become a feature on the machine that I love.

My new vacuum has fulfilled my expectations. If you have shedding dogs or a lot of other messes, maybe you would prefer the bigger one. A couple of other features I like are its 30′ cord–that really gives me some distance without having to move to another plug–and the fact that the dirt cup empties out the bottom. You simply push a button and the bottom opens. So much nicer than my previous one that emptied at the top. A lot less dirt and dust in the air and on my hands.

If you are looking for a vacuum for an older person or someone who might have trouble pushing and pulling the heavier vacuums, I would highly recommend this one. Light, easy to empty, easy to clean and easy to handle. It practically moves on its own so it doesn’t take as much arm strength or energy. It would be an excellent choice for a senior.

Besides this lightweight vacuum, I am now the proud owner of this Best Little Carpet Cleaner for spots. It handles the little spills that appear out of nowhere! I love it.

Bissell’s Bagless Canister Vacuum

Prefer a canister vac? I’m so pleased to see you can get them in bag less varieties as well. This is one of the most popular ones, and very low priced. Wouldn’t hurt to have one of each at this price!

Got Pets? Hoover’s WindTunnel Bagless Upright 

I’d have to go with this trusty model if  I still had pets.  It’s bigger, stronger, still bagless, and it comes with a retractable cord.  Funny how a little thing like that sounds like a treat in a vacuum, isn’t it?


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  1. That’s a great review. I inherited a 12-pound Oreck from my mom, so I can vouch for the convenience of a light-weight vacuum. My husband seems to think all vacuums should be bought used and keep being repaired. For that reason, I only get inherited ones or those I have found at garage sales. In over fifty years, I’ve never been able to choose a vacuum cleaner that wasn’t used.

    I actually prefer canisters for stairs, and my main vacuum has always been a canister. I inherited it from my mother-in-law and it outlived her. I have had it repaired twice. I bought another just like it used for $10 and have had to buy new hoses twice. I need another one now. I think it would be nice to be able to buy the exact vacuum cleaner I want, new, but I’d rather keep my husband, who doesn’t like that idea.

    • Thank you Barbara, I am pleased with this one. Your husband is probably the smarter of us though. You can get so many things like that used these days, and in very good condition. I did repair my old one a few times too. Most last for so many years. Wise woman to keep the husband over a new vacuum!

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