Is Hitler’s son alive and living in England?

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Hitler and Unity Mitford.

Did Adolf Hitler have a child with an English girl? And could that child still be alive? It sounds far-fetched, doesn’t it? But there are many historians who believe that this is the case and there is some evidence to show that the possibility exists.

Unity Mitford was from an aristocratic English family. She and her sisters were the most colourful characters around in the pre-war era. They were fun loving girls but most of them had strong – and opposing – political views. Unity had been born in 1914 and in the nineteen thirties was an admirer of Adolf Hitler and his regime.

Although that might seen strange to us these days, as we look back with hindsight, many British people – especially those from the upper classes – admired the up-and-coming German politician. Indeed, prior to the war, the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII) and his mistress Wallis Simpson spent time in Germany with the dictator-to-be.

Unity Mitford’s fondness for Hitler could be called an obsession. She persuaded her parents to let her go to live in Berlin to study the language. Carefully, she determined where Hitler spent his time and realised that he often at at the same restaurant on a regular basis. She began to do the same and it wasn’t long before the two were introduced.

Hitler was fascinated by the blonde British aristocrat.Did a physical affair develop? They were certainly close friends although their is no documented evidence that an affair took place – although it was known that Eva Braun, later Hitler’s wife, was scathing and spoke jealously about his Unity.

Unity was in Berlin when war broke out. She was divided in her loyalties. She was a British subject, yet was in love with a German man, Adolf Hitler.  She was torn. What should she do? And, as some historians say, she was an English girl pregnant by the man who was responsible for this war.

In despair, Unity shot herself in the head.  She failed to take her life though. Hitler personally had her transported to hospital and paid for her treatment. Some time later, at his own expense, she was transported to a hospital in Switzerland where again, he paid all her medical fees. Strange? Some say so.

Her family collected her from Switzerland and she returned to England on a stretcher. Although her family described the ‘terrible’ condition she was in medically, a video survives which shows her arriving in England looking perfectly well, perfectly alert and with a convenient blanket covering what could have been a growing baby bulge.

Shortly thereafter she went to stay in a small country village in a remote nursing home that was known as a maternity unit. Here, accounts differ. Some people say that she was their simply for rest and relaxation. But others maintain that she gave birth to a baby boy. According to those who recall that she had a baby, the child was adopted. And yes, a child born in the war in very likely to still be alive today.

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  1. Doubt it! This sounds to me to be just another conspiracy-type theory. Theoretically possible and interesting to speculate about (as all such are) but highly unlikely to be true.

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