Jacquard Sweaters & Jackets: So Stylish

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Jacquard sweaters – so fashionable

We’re often told that the basics of a good wardrobe is classic clothes. And it’s true. Classically styled garments are timeless and remain fashionable for ever.

They are never out of date.

But this doesn’t mean that classics should be dull – so many people buy them in just black, grey or other neutrals – they can also be fun.

Take this jacquard sweater you see on the left.

This is such a timeless style and believe it or not, the jacquard loom was first demonstrated in 1801. Jacquard fabrics still look as good today as they did years ago – and will do so for many years in the future.

One of the wonderful aspects of today’s designs is that they are so adaptable. You can imagine the garments on this page being worn with blue jeans or worn over an elegant dress.

They are suitable to wear for work, for fun, for dining out, on vacation … just about anywhere.

Something that makes them even more adaptable is that you can wear them as sweaters or simply undo the buttons and you have a smart, yet casual jacket.

The jacket you see on the right is so very elegant but again can be worn for popping out to the supermarket or running out doing chores. The colours in the garments so easily suggest colours for east accessorizing too.

You can see some gorgeous colours within the weave.

Imagine this jacket worn with:

  • Tight black pants plus…
  • Light tan boots (suggested by the yellow colour plus…
  • A beautiful silky scarf in the same colour as the pink flowers

Picture it worn with:

  • A short blue dress plus…
  • A pink floppy hat plus
  • An ivory shoulder bag

You could play the ‘jacquard game for ages.

These are made from 100% Merino wool so they are comfortable as well as stylish. They are inspired by traditional artisan European designs and will never date – they will retain their shape – and their good looks – for many years to come.


You can see more about these sweaters here.






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Author: Jackie Jackson

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