Katie Hopkins: British Broadcaster Hates Fat People

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Katie Hopkins fights obesity


I have to admit that I have a sneaking admiration for people who ┬áspeak their minds on public platforms. In today’s politically correct world, it’s refreshing (and even more so if I tend to agree with their opinions).

Katie, and I have to admit that I had never heard of her until this furore, spoke her mind very clearly about the obese.

She declared that they were lazy and that she deplores the fact that in Britain today, one in three adults is classed as obese, that size sixteen is the average dress size and that even five year old children are obese.

She claimed that it’s easy to lose weight and when challenged, decided to prove it.

She decided to gain – and then lose – fifty pounds

She undertook the most appalling diet of junk food and sweet, sugary snacks. A few months later she had almost doubled her body weight. She reported that it was dreadful. She and her husband had no sex life any more,people asked her if she was pregnant and she felt ill, fat and ugly.

So she proceeded to lose the weight, as she’d promised.

In the video below – this is before her experiment – she was taking part on chat show about ‘fattism’. The large lady on the left is saying that it simply isn’t fair that she should be discriminated against when job hunting because of the way she looks (i.e. huge). Personally, I think looks are important at work – I wouldn’t employ someone with acne, a tattooed face and a pierced nose as a receptionist, for example.

The large lady maintains that she shouldn’t have to change the way she looks in order to get ┬ájob. I’m not sure that I agree. See what you think. You’ll see Katie on the right.

To be as honest as Katie for a moment, I wouldn’t employ the fat girl either. How healthy is she? How much time would she take off work because of illness? I’d even wonder whether she could get up the stairs and if I’d need to supply her with a specially-reinforced chair. Given the choice of her and another equally qualified but slim candidate, I know which one I’d choose. It’s simply a safer business decision that many employers would make.

So Katie, to prove her point, put on a lot of weight. In the video below you see her after her weight gain, trying to exercise.

In this video, Katie is interviewed by American TV when she is working her way back to her normal weight. She has fifteen pounds yet to lose.

As you can see, she is adamant that it isn’t possible to be fat and happy because of the health problems that are caused by obesity.

Is this a snooty skinny-girl attitude or is she correct?


Jackie Jackson, also known online as BritFlorida, is a highly experienced designer and writer. British born and now living in the USA, she specialises in lifestyle issues, design and quirky stories. You can see a wide range of articles here, or visit her website Tastes Magazine. See The Writer’s Door for more information.

Author: Jackie Jackson

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1 Comment

  1. Oh, yeah, its super simple for a naturally thin person to gain and lose a bunch of weight. That proves nothing other than she has good genes.

    As for fat people being lazy, I am over 100 pound overweight, and I work circles around my thinner counterparts. I’m the one running up and down the stairs because they don’t want to. I’m the one climbing ladders to hand heavy object down to my co-worker of “normal” weight, or running to the parking lot to gather shopping carts because the people thinner than me announce “we’re out of carts” without bothering to go gather any themselves. I’m the one carrying heavy boxes out for customers when a thinner co-worker calls someone instead of doing it themselves.

    Nice to know that I’m the lazy one, and that my 90 pound co-worker who regularly misses work because she’s hung over.. or calls in sick because her allergies are acting up.. or just because she worked 4 days in a row and wants a day off (which are all 3 actual reasons she has used for missing her shift), is the “hard worker” just because she’s skinny.

    The only MEDICAL reason I had for asking time off work is because I had a baby. But I’m sure skinny people pop out a kid and go back to work right after the delivery right? The only weight related medical problem I have is high blood pressure, which I’ve missed exactly 0 hours of work because of.

    If you’re going to discriminate against someone for the size of their body (or whether or not they have pimples) then you might as well go ahead a say its okay to discriminate based on skin color as well. To lump ANY group of people together because ONE of them might be lazy, or because you think they are ugly, is uncalled for in this day and age.

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