Keeping Safe: Is it a Choice?

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Help me out – Can you remember a time in the recent past few years, that there were not so many acts of senseless violence and killing and gun shootings in the USA?


I wish someone could tell me if these mass shootings and senseless acts of terrorism have become the “norm”. What’s happening in our world, that killing has become such a focus of sensationalism and a common topic in the daily television news programs and media?

Seems like “positive news” is a rarity. When we hear something joyful, happy, or positive on the daily TV news programs, it’s refreshing, but often takes second place to news of violence. I think we all could benefit from hearing more positive news, instead of the repetitive focus on negativity and so much killing. I know it’s important to be informed when tragedy occurs in our nation, but must we be subjected to the rhetoric of the details over and over again?

Tonight, I heard a story of a fight between an 81 year old man on a motorized scooter and a young couple, and the 81 year old being thrown down on the floor of a discount chain store. He was attacked by this man and his wife, due to not getting a parking spot in they wanted, that evidently this 81 year old got.

Can you believe this? Seems like all of these folks need anger management.

Do you think there have been so many killings, mass shootings and crimes of hate, due to mental instability, radicalism, extreme distorted values, or the lack of necessary gun control, or perhaps all of the above? I agree we have the right to protect ourselves, our family, our property, but when does it become a danger to our society, when a person is able to purchase guns, without being requested to register them.

Seems to me that licensing weapons should be a requirement, for a variety of reasons. We as a society are witnessing barbaric executions of innocent individuals from the USA in the name of GOD – this is horrific. If you believe in GOD or goodness, you surely understand positive values; i.e. love, peace, harmony, kindness, generosity, unity, integrity, ethics.

I don’t think it is wise to confuse senseless acts of terrorism, violence, and killing, with the objectives and values of Spirituality, blessings, kindness, and killings. Is mental imbalance, fear, greed, ignorance, anger, hatred, and/or poor gun control the reasons for all the violence now happening on a weekly basis throughout the world, and especially in our beloved homeland – The USA.?

I pray for peace in our nation and hope to GOD that these weekly senseless acts of killing and/or terrorism stop. I’m not that politically oriented, but I think the time has arrived for gun control registration and appropriate mental health counseling be provided, in order to stop senseless killing. Call me an optimist, or idealist, but I am tired of hearing about senseless acts of violence and killing. Why don’t we as a nation, focus more positive energy on how to protect people?

Stacey J Nelson, Ph.D.


Stacey J Nelson Ph.D. – is a licensed Psychotherapist, Communications Consultant/ Voice Therapist and Motivational Trainer, who also offers Pet Bereavement, in Boca Raton, FL. She is the owner/creator of Tweedle Pet Products Natural and Organic gourmet gluten and grain free pet treats, and treats for Pet Parents- Dr Nelson and her Labrador Retriever Miss Tweedle are a Registered Pet Therapy Team through Therapy Dogs Inc.

Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. I think we all wish for the answers to your many questions asked here regarding the solution to the end of violence. I believe that peace begins at home, among family members, friends, and community. When we can all get along on that level then maybe we can get along with the rest of the world.

    • Let’s all pray for harmony and world peace, and to the end of violence

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