Bangers & Mash: A la Rolling Stones

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Keith Richards’ bangers & mash recipe

Keith RichardsShould you ever find that Rolling Stone, Keith Richards, is dropping in for a bite to eat, this is his favourite food made in the exact way he prepares the dish himself.

As he says, he has been cooking sausages all his life but it’s only recently that he discovered the real secret to truly excellent bangers.

He discovered the secret from a ‘lady on TV’.

He says that it works perfectly and it also explains why sausages are called ‘bangers’.

Putting sausages into a hot pan, says Keith, agitates them.You have to start cooking them slowly. It’s a matter, he says,of patience. He suggests, and I’m inclined to strongly agree, that you simply have a drink whilst you’re waiting.

Now it’s often said that with one thing and another – heroin, falling out of trees, booze, generally abusing the body and so forth,Keith Richards is amazing simply because he’s still alive.

And we was born in 1943, so he’s been around for a while.

Maybe it’s the bangers and mash that keep him going, who knows?

The first step,he says, is to buy your bangers from a butcher who makes fresh sausages.  Then fry a mixture of chopped onion, bacon and seasoning.

Get the potatoes onto boil and,says Keith, add peas and carrots if you like.’Now we’re talking’.

Now we get to the sausages.

“Throw them into a cold pan, as the lady on TV says,  cook, and add the bacon and onions in a bit. Let the f******s rock gently, turning every few minutes.

Mash yer spuds or whatever.”

Serve with gravy and /or HP Sauce.

“Every man to his own”.


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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