Why I Chose a Korg padKontrol MIDI Studio Controller & Drum Machine

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Why I Chose a Korg padKontrol MIDI Studio Controller & Drum Machine

I chose to buy a Korg padKontrol MIDI Studio Controller because it is made by Korg and they are a company that produce quality. I knew it would be an excellent device.

I was looking for a drum machine that would make my life easier and I can say that I have found just that because this machine makes programming drum patterns into software easy.

Here’s what I love about it:

The 16 trigger pads are fantastic, I love the feel of them, their velocity is amazing, and I love the way they light up with red lights when you tap them. They look great in a darkened room.

The Korg padKontrol has an X-Y axis window, which is a great size and very easy to use, especially with rolls and flams (double beats). You can program different drum sounds to different pads by using the Note Change feature.

It has a footpedal input and it comes with USB-MIDI interface, which means you don’t need a power supply when you use it with a computer.

There is a bright red digital display screen at the top right hand corner that tells you what setting you’re using, and if you change something it tells you by how much. This is very useful because I can keep records of what I do and the settings I use.

I use it with my iMac, but it can be used with any program that accepts midi in and midi out. It comes with a USB cable.

I have had mine for almost a year and I’m still learning how to use some of its features, but it has already helped me make more realistic drum lines and made programming drums into my iMac much easier than before.

I highly recommend it for any music producer. It’s a very reasonable price too.

Here’s the Amazon.com link:

Korg padKontrol Midi Studio Controller

Here’s the Amazon.co.uk link:



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Author: Jackie Jackson

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